4 VITAL Things To Know As An Indie Author (The Emotional Rollercoaster, part 2)

  If you wrote a book and published it, congratulations! You’re a small business owner, and entrepreneur. A budding capitalist.   You write your product. That’s cool!   Then, you sell your product.   So… you’re a salesperson.   Ugh. Most of you NEVER wanted to be salespeople.   Your book/books are your business, andContinue reading “4 VITAL Things To Know As An Indie Author (The Emotional Rollercoaster, part 2)”

Yes, BLOG! What New Authors Need To Know About Building A Platform

Occasionally a new author will write me with a question or problem and I’ll answer it here so we can all learn.   Dear Dan, I went to a writers’ conference last weekend (which was kind of intimidating) but I learned a lot about writing technique and learned some things about myself. I’m not aContinue reading “Yes, BLOG! What New Authors Need To Know About Building A Platform”


If you wanna get right to the challenge skip down to “FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE!” and champagne Leo. . As most of you know, plots are either very easy or very hard. You take a trip to Italy and see a girl on a train? Bingo! Three months and 100,000 words later you’ve written a PulitzerContinue reading “FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE: PLOT POINT”

Endurance: Don’t Quit =/= Never Take Breaks

A critique partner and friend recently noted that I’m looking even more prolific the past few days, putting out a few chapters of my story for inquiring eyes at the critique website. Kinda sorta. Now, you know I am a BIG advocate of WRITE EVERY DAY, but I recognized something that you need to knowContinue reading “Endurance: Don’t Quit =/= Never Take Breaks”

New Author Interview: Jaye Marie, a NaNoWriMo Success Story

When I was a brand new writer, I didn’t worry too much about how to write a story or what the process was. I just was relating funny stories about first-time parents with a new baby in the house. A lot of sleep deprived people could relate to that, so it transitioned pretty easily intoContinue reading “New Author Interview: Jaye Marie, a NaNoWriMo Success Story”

What the HECK is a Virtual Assistant???

I know people who use Virtual Assistants and swear by them, and I know a lot of authors who are swamped with trying to run a blog and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and Snapchat, etc., and still find time to write – but don’t think they can delegate any of these tasks, and don’tContinue reading “What the HECK is a Virtual Assistant???”

BE JEALOUS! New Author Interview: CASSANDRA PIAT from the tropical island of Mauritius

Yes, be jealous, my friends. I live in Florida and Cassandra has me ready to pack my bags. Read on and you’ll see why.  “What’s It Gonna Be?”  –  her first novel, is a romantic comedy set in Mauritius, an island off the coast of Madagascar (which is an island off the coast of Africa).Continue reading “BE JEALOUS! New Author Interview: CASSANDRA PIAT from the tropical island of Mauritius”

What Did #1LineWed Do For Me?

A little while back we talked about social media and some of the hashtags you can use. Today was “one line Wednesday” (#1linewed) (Okay, we talk about social  media a lot, like HERE, HERE, and HERE also HERE and HERE, and yes these are all different.) There’s a theme each week and you do whateverContinue reading “What Did #1LineWed Do For Me?”

I am not a stalker………………… (but please “stalk” me!)

We author types LOVE it when our friends support us on several platforms! For example, I am a Critique Partner with a few people. So, to help support their efforts… I follow their blogs, I’m following them on Twitter, if they have a book out I “Like” their Amazon page, I am Facebook friends with themContinue reading “I am not a stalker………………… (but please “stalk” me!)”

Here’s How It Happens

I often get asked how I am able to write a blog, write books, do critiques, and still function on planet Earth. I’m not always sure about that last part, but we’ll assume they are not implying I am a Martian or from Hell or something. (We recently discussed what makes great writing, HERE) I’veContinue reading “Here’s How It Happens”