Author Profile: Michael E. Dellert

We were fortunate enough to spend a little time recently with Michael Dellert and managed to get him to open up a bit about his process and inner thoughts on writing. Michael is an award-winning writer, editor, publishing consultant, as well as a writing coach. His publishing career spans 20 years. His blog is aContinue reading “Author Profile: Michael E. Dellert”

Author On The Ledge!

Be sure to enter to win a signed copy of Savvy Stories HERE LAST DAY! Don’t miss out!         You’ll know it when you see it. An author friend has started the downward spiral of doubt. Here’s an example from a blog post of an obviously dismayed author friend, followed by my reply:Continue reading “Author On The Ledge!”

Okay, What’s The Big Surprise?

Ta daaaaahhh! Here it is: YOU can win one of 5 signed paperback copies of “Savvy Stories, funny things I learned from my daughter” by entering a Goodreads promo right now! Click HERE to enter the promo. Okay, you’re giving away a book. Why is that a big deal? In a word, BOOK PROMOTIONS = MARKETINGContinue reading “Okay, What’s The Big Surprise?”


Look at this! How did this happen??? You are no doubt reading along enjoying today’s post, “20 Questions With Author Barbara Tarn” – as well you should be – and LOOK what’s also happening today (more or less). LOOK! What, you don’t see? Step closer to the glass, Clarice. Closer, please. Closer… What????? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? We are almostContinue reading “YOU GUYYYYYS!!!!!!”

Yes, IT is coming…

Are you excited about tomorrow? I am. The kid has dance class, so I get to write, uninterrupted, for about three hours! No, dance class isn’t three hours. She’s five. Dance class is about 45 minutes. But between that and getting ready and driving there and shopping afterward and driving home, my wife and daughterContinue reading “Yes, IT is coming…”


A VERY special surprise is headed your way. Well… it’s headed here. Not today and not tomorrow, but SOON. I’m very excited about it. I hope you will be. I think you will. I hope so… If it were me, I’d check in Saturday, for sure. Unless I forget.  Then it could be a littleContinue reading “IT… IS COMING!”