Author On The Ledge!

Be sure to enter to win a signed copy of Savvy Stories HERE LAST DAY! Don’t miss out!         You’ll know it when you see it. An author friend has started the downward spiral of doubt. Here’s an example from a blog post of an obviously dismayed author friend, followed by my reply:Continue reading “Author On The Ledge!”


Look at this! How did this happen??? You are no doubt reading along enjoying today’s post, “20 Questions With Author Barbara Tarn” – as well you should be – and LOOK what’s also happening today (more or less). LOOK! What, you don’t see? Step closer to the glass, Clarice. Closer, please. Closer… What????? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? We are almostContinue reading “YOU GUYYYYYS!!!!!!”

The December Writing Struggle

You have heard that people are creatures of habit. I knew people who used to have a cigarette and a cup of coffee at certain intervals throughout the day. It was a habit. Get to work, pour a cup of coffee. Finished lunch, have a cigarette. I had habits like that too. Not smoking, butContinue reading “The December Writing Struggle”

Author Profile: Claire Fullerton

As we try to meet new authors and expand our literary palate, we will meet folks who write in the same genre as us and those who write something other than what we write. I personally believe that a well written story can (and maybe should) contain elements of multiple genres. A drama should haveContinue reading “Author Profile: Claire Fullerton”


If you wanna get right to the challenge skip down to where it says “FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE!”   It is Christmas time! And as most of you know, there are a lot of Christmas specials on TV. And most of them suck.   Honestly, A Mom For Christmas? Look, I liked Olivia Newton John asContinue reading “BEST CHRISTMAS FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE EVER”

5 Ways To Avoid The “You Spend Too Much Time On The Computer” Fight

(I ran this post last year around this time and it’s worth running again. I’m all about helping people.) Nearly every female writer I’ve become friends with has had the same fight with her man: she spends too much time on the computer. (I don’t think ANY of these dustups came during football season, either.Continue reading “5 Ways To Avoid The “You Spend Too Much Time On The Computer” Fight”

Flash Fiction Challenge: See The Scene, Write The Story!

How about a little holiday spirit for this writing challenge? Use the random number generator below and it will tell you which odd little holiday scene to visualize in your head. Then YOU have to write a caption for the scene. It can be drama or comedy, long or short, uh… fast or slow (IContinue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge: See The Scene, Write The Story!”

Still Stuck? How To Unstick Your Unmotivated Writer’s Brain And WRITE

Sometimes a story gets stuck. That sucks, because we’re the ones who drove into the tree, but it happens. (This is not a post about that.)   When the story is fine but the writer is stuck, that’s different. That’s a mental thing, or an organization thing, or whatever, but if you are stuck andContinue reading “Still Stuck? How To Unstick Your Unmotivated Writer’s Brain And WRITE”

4 Important Things Every Aspiring Author Needs To Know

Pushing that PUBLISH button is a big moment, and your life is different – for better or worse – from that moment on.   Writers need to get over the fear of publishing.   I was lucky, I started by writing family humor essays and my stuff was out there for a years on FacebookContinue reading “4 Important Things Every Aspiring Author Needs To Know”