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Most interviews I have read with agents are nothing more then puff pieces that promote the agent and/or the traditional publishing houses. 

As a result, most interviews I’ve read with agents are worthless.

This one seems to hit it right down the middle. They do promote themselves but they seem to be fairly candid and straightforward about the benefits of being an independent author. 
Definitely worth a read. 

I’d appreciate your insights below.

The One Literary Agent Interview All Writers Need To Read

Words Of Strength & How They Apply To Writing


How it applies to writing:

Hey, that’s what you do as a writer. You’re the one developing the ability to communicate feelings and scenes and actions and stuff to those who can’t. It’s a skill, so treat it like one. But do it every day and do it even when it doesn’t feel like it’s there to be had. That’s what makes you the strong man.

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Secrets To Getting Reviews For YOUR Book, REVEALED! BookTuber Elizabeth Hebb Tells All

We had a great time chatting with Elizabeth Hebb, a BookTuber who will explain to you how to get more reviews for your book!

BookTubers review books – LOTS of books. Like a written book review, BookTubers discuss your book in video format on YouTube – to their many, many subscribers and followers! Meet Elisabeth, a BookTuber who will help you understand the world of video reviews.

Hosts of Writers Off Task With Friends: Dan Alatorre (, Allison Maruska (, J. A. Allen (



BookTubers share good books with each other – and their followers. Discover tips to get your book found by BookTuber community.

  • How to approach a review from a BookTuber – and anyone else who does reviews.
  • What kind of synopsis catches the reviewer’s eye?
  • What to include in your review request – and what to absolutely NOT do.
  • Why GoodReads is your friend.
  • Tips on chapter size.
  • How to find BookTubers who review your specific genre.

Learn about a reviewer-specific website where reviewers go to ask for books to read. YOU should list your book there and start getting reviewers to ask to review it!

Elizabeth Hebb is an energetic, enthusiastic BookTuber and a fan of Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Books and General Fangirling! “My other obsession is Disney! I love everything about it especially the parks!”

Elizabeth’s links:

WATCH her NOW on Writers Off Task With Friends!

You will learn SO MUCH in this video, stop what you’re doing and watch it right now.

You’re welcome.

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Dan Alatorre is the author of several bestsellers and the amazingly great sci fi action thriller “The Navigators.” Click HERE to get your copy of The Navigators – FREE on Kindle Unlimited!



Drake And The Fliers Has A Trailer!

This is SO cool.

If you have looked into making a book trailer, you’ll know you can get (a crappy) one from Fiverr for under a hundred bucks, or a nice one for $500, but this looks good and is FREE.

Allison Maruska

Fellow authors, I need to tell you a secret – you can create a book trailer for free.

Last night, my son (he’s 11, by the way) showed me a “trailer” he made with his school iPad. It was pretty cool, so I asked him to show me how me made it. He directed me to iMovie on my phone.

So I started playing around.

I wonder if I can make a book trailer with this, I thought.

I hopped onto Pixabay and gathered a bunch of free-use photos that would be good for such a thing. The final result looked pretty neat, so I put it on my personal Facebook page. The reception was way better than I expected. So today, I hopped onto Google images for some better-quality pics labeled for reuse (thanks to Cathleen Townsend for teaching me how to find those).

Basically, I wanted to…

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