Mr. Dan’s School for Wayward Children

Well, we went on spring break and they decided to let the kids stay off school for an extra week because of the coronavirus. Then they pushed the return to school back to April 15, saying we’d do “distance learning.” That’s when your kid gets your computer all day while you attempt to oversee their school work online.

This may result in families growing closer.

Unless they cancel the rest of the school year. Then it may result in bloodshed.

Personally, I think the kids are mainly enjoying being away from school, even though they miss their friends. I think the parents are adapting and will share ideas and tips with each other on how to improve the semi homeschool experience. And while there have been jokes about giving teachers a raise, let’s not forget most parents in this situation are trying to do two full time jobs – their regular job and the teacher’s job. They’re not getting paid for one of those and didn’t want to do that job. Those jokes about raises will go away with each passing week we’re doing this.

Wanna know what won’t go away? Distance learning.

A lot of parents are seeing classes and topics they don’t approve of. The ones with kids in college are wondering why they’re paying outrageous fees for books and room and board when their kid can obviously self direct their education at home for much less – and without hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt afterward.

Colleges did it to themselves. Many turned into pseudo playgrounds full of safe spaces and therapy bunnies to coddle their human revenue streams while the internet was exploding with more ways to learn things than there are grains of sand on the beach. You have to figure, after a while, the people footing the bill would notice.

This week, they will.

As comedian and magician Penn Gillette said, due to the internet, if somebody really wants to learn something, they can – often for free.

A lot of colleges will notice a drop in student registrations next year, and that trend will continue until they get their act together. (I think they will, but one never knows,)

Meanwhile, expect homeschooling numbers to jump dramatically because you just made us test drive something we didn’t want to do, and we may decide our kids are worth the investment.

It’s been a rich, valuable week, and I look forward to the next two weeks. We’ve done some fun FaceTime sessions with friends while having a spelling test, did a “distance lunch” where we got McDonald’s and visited a friend, eating in the front yard while staying ten feet away, and we’ve grown closer as a family and a community. We’ve rallied to help friends with old computers at home and we’ve done Zoom calls with our class and our teachers. It’s been interesting.

Times like these test our mettle, It’s a small challenge compared to what other generations have been called on to do. We aren’t storming the beaches at Normandy. LOTS of Parents have taken to Facebook to complain as loudly as possible about how unprepared our schools were for this. Lots of others have quietly gone about what Americans always do – getting the job done so things can return to normal, and maybe appreciating something in the process: an opportunity to spend a little more time with our precious kids before they leave the nests – which they will all too soon.

When I was a new dad with a tiny baby in my arms at the grocery store, complete strangers would come up and tell me, “They grow up fast. Blink twice and you’ll be walking her down the aisle.”

For some reason, that advice resonated. Maybe because my dad, older brothers and sisters, and high school friends with their own kids said it, too.

Many dreary eyed nights while I did a 2am feeding, I recalled their words and decided to do my best to enjoy all of it because it wouldn’t last. Those 2am feedings became my special time with my daughter. An investment in bonding. An example of selflessness and optimism she might carry forward one day. And now, ten years later, the friends and family members and strangers at Publix were right. She grew up fast.

I expect a few years from now, maybe sooner – probably sooner – the inconvenience of distance learning will be long forgotten. The memories of the ways we made it fun and special will remain with us forever.

If you’re looking for a great laugh, cry,and romance at the same time, this is IT!

What a great review.

WOW! Worth every second spent reading!

What an amazing story! I don’t like spoilers, so I won’t mention the storyline. However, if you’re looking for a great laugh, cry,and romance at the same time, this is IT!

The Keepers – The Gamma Sequence book #4 – is NUMBER 1!

No pressure.

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After destroying the last remnants of Angelus Genetics and the evil Dr. Hauser’s operations, Detective Hamilton DeShear escapes with Agent Jaden Trinn and their 5-year-old ward Constantine to The Bahamas for a vacation – only to be framed for murder as Constantine is kidnapped and Trinn is nearly shot to death. Recovering in Paris, “Helena” attempts to help, but she is saddled with the hospital’s frustrated Doctor of Psychology who must open up to the possibility that things with this mysterious elderly patient are not as they seem.

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This book will consume you!

I gotta admit, these are fun to read.

GR review by Len

CAUTION! If you start this book

it will consume you.

I have not read the first two books in the series yet, but they are on the top of my reading list now.

This book is a roller coaster

hat will take you places you have never imagined. From the beginning I was on the edge of my seat through every twist and turn. Dan weaves multiple story lines together in a way that heightens the tension and keeps you focused right where he wants you.

While this book is the third in the series, it stands on its own and 

grabs you by the throat

and makes you work for every breath. Block out an afternoon, it will be time well spent! Of course you will have to block out two more afternoons to read the first two, and who knows how many more Dan can come up with!

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Hauser face

“I shall be very disappointed if you do not.”

“You’re my new go-to author”

Dan AlatorreI love it when readers write to me.

Here’s an email I just received:

“Just discovered The Gamma Sequence on Amazon, enjoyed it so much I’m now ordering the rest of your books. Great reads!

Keep them coming and I’ll buy them.

As good as Patterson, Baldacci, Cook, Ellsworth and Woods.

You’re my new go-to author.”

I need more readers like that.

I’d blush, but he’s right. The Gamma Sequence is a  pretty amazing story, and book 2 is better than book 1, but book 3 may be the best writing I’ve ever done.

Until book 4.



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“Read Terminal Sequence — or ANY book by Dan Alatorre — I guarantee it’s great!”

Well, who am I to argue with that?

Here’s the actual review from Amazon:

Read Terminal Sequence — or ANY book by Dan Alatorre — I guarantee it’s great!

Each book in this series reveals more of the insidious plot by the Angelus Genetics, now frightfully close to worldwide domination through their genetically-engineered “humans.” They’re wreaking bloody, systematic elimination of the heroes we’ve known, until finally the only ones left are Hank DeShear and Jaden Trinn. With their own deaths almost assured, the pair make a raid to assassinate Dr. Hauser, the evil mastermind leader. Once inside, they discover a that Angelus laboratories has a network of labs around the globe. Hank and Jaden have talents and steely determination, but have human susceptibilities.

This series knocked my socks off, and makes me think this could truly be happening out there. Alatorre creates perfect suspense in the ultimate good vs evil showdown. Read it — but remember to check often to see if you’re holding your breath, and act accordingly.

Look! A whole bunch of “famous” quotes – by ME!

I’m not sure how this happened, but I found a bunch of my own quotes on a website, Quotes Sayings. (I’m still in shock.) Some are pretty good, too!

Check them out!

Dan Alatorre Quotes 2074767Don’t have every dialog go in a straight line to solve the problem. Let your characters argue, be sarcastic, disagree or joke around. — Dan Alatorre

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Dan Alatorre Quotes 151914I wasn’t a class clown, because nuns have no sense of humor. They have rulers. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 139124I take the rawest, realest moments in anyone’s life and I open them up and lay them bare. The innocence of a five year old child, the awkwardness of a teenager’s first sexual encounter, the heartbreak of longing for a relationship you can’t have, confronting the possibility of the death of your newborn child, whatever it is, you open your soul and put it out there and dare the world to read it, ready to have them stomp on you and laugh, but ready to do it again the next day. You have to put yourself out there as a writer, you can’t play it safe. Great writing isn’t safe. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 2167594Honesty makes stories real and characters memorable. From there, taking them to where they need to go will be all the development they need. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 462512The more time you can put between you and your manuscript, the more fresh your eyes become and the more mistakes you’ll catch. Let a chapter rest for a day, you’ll see ways to improve it. Let your completed book rest a month or more and you’ll see stuff that’s long or that you want to skip. Read it out loud to get rid of awkward phrases and listen to your critique partners if they are good. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 2086036I know each new story is better than the last. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1745931Believe in yourself and start achieving your dream. It waits for you on the other side of the publish button. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 123351My first bestseller was a cookbook. That will make any novelist humble. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 137021Who do I think would appreciate my book?
I’m surprised anybody does. Oops, did I say that out loud? — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 221597If you write a bad book, mobs do not show up with pitchforks and torches – and odds are you didn’t write something bad. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 335890Writers need to get over the fear of hitting the “publish” button. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 348642My characters still talk the way normal people talk. They argue, they are sarcastic with each other, they joke around. I usually end up with one outrageous minor character in each book that people just rave about. We all have that one friend who says and does things that are a riot. A character like that is the salt in the soup: you want just enough to bring everything to life. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 454425In the book (Savvy Stories) you see some very real, very personal moments. The first week of Savvy’s life was the longest week of ours. We spent five days in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) worrying that our newborn daughter might die. It was touch and go for a while, and it was extremely difficult to write about. Chapter two gets a lot of people crying. But because we put that honesty out there, readers said “Okay, I can trust this guy.” Then they were better able to laugh with us, too. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 543288Not knowing stuff – like how your story ends before you start writing – is the seed of a lot of writer’s block. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 581480You have to put yourself out there as a writer, you can’t play it safe. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 628246You can do it. Don’t let anyone say you can’t. You can. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 631746Take what fame or fortune comes your way. My first bestseller was a cookbook, so remember to be open to trying new things. From that experience I learned things about marketing a book that benefitted me greatly and, combined with my sales management experience with Fortune 500 companies, I was able to launch a string of bestsellers. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 660128Dig deep and go where the pain and fear and joy are, and put it out there. The minute you shy away from pure honesty in your writing, you become a liar. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 669128A humorist is a writer who’s not funny enough to call themselves a comedian. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 755288I get up at 4am or 5am and write for a few hours before the rest of the world wakes up. And I don’t drink caffeine. That combination is basically a deal breaker for every other author I know. I don’t usual check email, Facebook or Twitter until at least 6:30am, either, another killer for most authors. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 824874You hold in your heart everything you need to know to write anything your story needs written. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 833052Don’t be afraid to get off the internet, the answers aren’t all there. You may have to ask a cop about the kickback from a shotgun, or how sweaty they get in summer wearing body armor. Or what color blood is in the moonlight, or the vibrations through a serrated knife’s handle you feel in your fingers when you are hacking through somebody’s neck and hit cartilage. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 840116What’s my writing style? Lazy. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 913367Kids are flat-out freaking hilarious if you are paying attention. Not just my kid, but every kid. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 952495I wasn’t a class clown, because my parents were very strict and because nuns in general have no sense of humor. I mean zero, zip, nada. I wasted some of my best stuff on those old hags! Look at these knuckles – those are ruler marks, and they’re still visible all these years later. But I could usually get out of trouble at home if I could get my mom laughing. That’s a huge ace up your sleeve as a kid. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 970719On working with other writers: You develop honesty and you can then ask the really embarrassing questions. I have learned so many things I didn’t want to know, and they were all a result of interesting interviews for background information. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 986198What I can tell you is DO IT. Publish book one and get book two out as soon as possible. There are very few Harper Lee’s. Most of us are going to have to write a few books to get good at it. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 990990When you have writer friends, you have to ask each other awkward questions all the time. It’s beyond embarrassing but they get it. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1128875I’m a Best-Selling author and humorist; my brother points out that a humorist is a writer who’s not funny enough to call themselves a comedian. Gotta love family. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1131967Great writing isn’t safe. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1300205It’s rare to see a man step up and say “I can be a great father and learn about gymnastics with my daughter and take her to dance lessons because I love her.” I can make time to blow bubbles on the back porch. It doesn’t cause your man card to be revoked. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1370108I write most of my stories the way people talk, complete with an occasional run-on sentences and stuff that seems to go around in a few circles before making its point. In a comedy, you can do that. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1393156I usually end have one outrageous minor character. He or she says the stuff I wish I had said in real life. Readers will love that character. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1406833I write in complete silence using only two fingers so I can’t type faster than I edit at the same time, saving me from having to go back. Although it does create a lot of capitalization issues. And punctuation problems. I didn’t say it was a good routine. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1437796Open your soul and put it out there and dare the world to read it, ready to have them stomp on you and laugh, but ready to do it again the next day. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1442379Writers need to be open to trying new things. My first bestseller was a cookbook, and from that experience I learned things about marketing a book that benefitted me greatly. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1447692Writers get ideas all day every day. The FedEx guy delivers a package from Sears and the writer is thinking how it could actually be a ticking time bomb. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1528386It’s amazing how my mind opens up right when I have to run on the treadmill. I’ve finished three chapters rather than run a mile. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1539427Write the best thing you can, whatever it is. It is deeply moving to read a letter from Spain or somewhere that says they read my book and fell in love with my daughter. Or that a book I wrote changed their life. It is amazing to be on the receiving end of that. Don’t deny yourself that. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1630797I come up with an idea and I’ll start throwing little suggestions for possible scenes into a folder, but before I seriously sit down to write Word One, they whole outline is finished. Sue me. It works. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1664264Pound it out, get it done, write every day. No excuses. Kerouac said you can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club. Damn straight. You’ll sleep a lot better getting your word count in than another quick Twitter check or keeping up to date on the Kardashians. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1737480People are suckers for the truth and they know it when they see it.

Open your soul and they will stop and watch. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 1965819You can ask somebody just about anything if you say you’re a writer first. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 2045375The best part of being a writer is you get to tell people you’re a writer. That’s still considered cool. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 2106571I believe in you. That is enough. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 2186653Don’t polish it forever, put it out there. At some point the changes aren’t improvements, they’re just changes. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 2188035I think if a writer is being honest they’d admit to a file full of a dozen or more stories that are all started to varying degrees. They’re like the kid who wants to be a firefighter and a police officer and an astronaut. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 2210074Don’t listen to any advice from anybody who has fewer published bestsellers than you, or anybody with more bestsellers than you. Or anybody with the exact same number of bestsellers as you. Don’t listen to any advice at all, even this advice I’m telling you right now. — Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre Quotes 2243366If it’s funny enough, you can pretty much do anything. — Dan Alatorre


Terminal Sequence causes reader to get on wrong train!

Loved the book!

Earlier this week, I was reading this on my way home after work and got on the wrong train Boarded the blue line train instead of the orange. Deep into the story and went 5 stops before I realized I was on the wrong train! It was when Trinn was being chased in the train tunnels but the London mob. Very well written and exciting!

Can’t wait for the next one!

– My sister

Dan Alatorre is the master of medical thrillers! Diabolical!

review by Julie Young

Dan Alatorre is the master of medical thrillers! Diabolical!

Dr. Hauser is dead and Angelus Genetics has been dismantled so who is kidnapping cryobiologists in broad daylight? The crime has Hauser’s “fingerprints” all over it, but that would mean that Hauser survived the shotgun blast to his chest and that DeShear, Tristan, Trinn, Maya and the rest of the team who fought against Hauser’s human trafficking and illegal organ harvesting atrocities will be in the crosshairs and targeted for elimination.

This fast-paced medical thriller had me in its grip from page one.

I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.

If you haven’t read the first two books in the series yet, this book will make you want to. This is an incredible, spine-tingling series!

– J Youngs Reviews, Goodreads

Get Terminal!

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TERMINAL ebook & paperback

Authors: Protect Yourself from book marketing scams and embezzlers like convicted felon Wid Bastian

Yesterday, I posted another victim letter from an author who was being conned by an online thief.

Wid Bastian wanted poster

TODAY, MY REPLY – and steps YOU can take to protect yourself.

Pardon my excessive carefulness in my wording here because I assume you’ll want to share this with your other author friends, so I want to be as truthful and accurate as possible.

First, Wid Bastian served 10+ years in prison for embezzling clients and stealing from them.

wid guilty 11-01-1987

It is my belief, based on countless testimonials at this point, that he is doing the same thing again as we speak.

The way a ponzi scheme works is, the initial investors get paid through the funds the later investors put in, so it looks legit for a while and the returns are goods. The ponzi schemer typically spends the money on a lavish lifestyle.

If YOU give access to your Amazon account to anyone, that person has access to your bank information, credit cards and social security number, among other things

(it may be different in other countries.) According to someone purporting to be Wid’s ex-wife, Wid has done identity theft, so giving a person like that access to your bank account and social security number is extremely risky. If you or your author friends did that, here is what I would recommend – and I am not a lawyer.

At my financial institution, it took under an hour to close an account and open a new one, transferring the money.

It took about fifteen minutes to reset the online place that deposited to the old account.

Not hard to do, but it severs any possibility of misuse by a scammer you gave access to.

Convicted felon Wid Bastian is currently seeking federal bankruptcy protection in Utah. He created a letter attempting to explain away what landed him in prison and how he has “helped hundreds of authors,” but that letter is filled with lies and misrepresentations.
  • My sources say Wid Bastian was escorted out of Merrill Lynch after being fired and then was imprisoned for embezzlement.
  • He was ordered to pay $3 million in restitution not because the market went south but because a
  • Federal jury system found him guilty of a dozen counts of fraud, wire fraud, embezzlement, etc.

He was wanted by the FBI because he fled, not because making a wanted poster is standard procedure!

Why does a marketer need access to your account? They will give lots of reasons but they DO NOT need access to your account. 
Why would a marketer need your original manuscripts? If you sign away or give away your manuscript, or allow someone to steal it, you may open yourself to piracy but also may allow them to post it as theirs and they may gain your ongoing revenue through page reads and units sold, etc.

You can see sales reports on Amazon; convicted felon Wid Bastian required access to manuscripts and sent reports that he created.


A screen shot of an Amazon sales report takes ten seconds and make and post. I believe by forcing clients/victims to operate this way, he intentionally misrepresented things to them.

K-Boards, The author’s information exchange

K-Boards conversations with very reputable authors about convicted felon Wid Bastian, indicated they believed:
  • convicted felon Wid Bastian was violating Amazon’s terms of service,

  • possibly had utilized click farms to generate fake interest in a client’s book, and

  • employed review manufacturers to post fake reviews.

(Convicted felon Wid Bastian actually attempted to defend his actions in K-Boards but the veteran authors know their stuff and he stopped attempting to reply.)

One can easily see if:

1. The sales reports come from the scammer

2. The book royalty money comes from scammer

3. The scammer uses hundreds of purchased, fake reviews to pile up on Amazon AND sends a check making it appear that the book is doing well as a result, THEN:

4. The client is happy and refers everyone.

Is that PONZI SCHEME 101???

Convicted felon Wid Bastian appeared to get results. Part of that may be explained by the above. It is impossible to know because

as of today despite repeated requests, convicted felon  Wid Bastian has never shown one receipt from a 3rd party for expenses he allegedly incurred in marketing

the box set he did for me and 17 other authors, the other 6 or so box sets we are aware of, and none of the clients he took money from who have contacted me.

Let me say that again:

To my knowledge, NO client/victim of Wid Bastian’s who has contacted me has EVER been shown a receipt for any ads, newsletters, or other services Wid allegedly did on their behalf.

On the other hand, MANY have said he took money and didn’t do the work.

In my case, 17 authors paid a $750 fee to join a box set that convicted felon Wid Bastian was to market for us (BTW, we aren’t certain he did anything at all except steal our money). I knew a successful person in the set, so I thought as you might – if person X uses Wid, Wid must be okay. The $750 was to cover ALL expenses. We then engaged charities for whom the proceeds from pre-sales would go if they mentioned us in their newsletters to their donors. Many charities have hundreds of thousands of donors, so pre-sales were good and post-release sales volume was high.

Our set generated about $20,000 in royalties but we were told the set lost money after expenses,

and one person was given an email that said Wid’s salary and his partners salaries exceeded the cost of the set.

Now, those expenses were to be paid from the $750 fee. Wid had the checks from Amazon sent to him, so:
  • The authors never got a cent

  • The charities never got a cent

  • Wid immediately declared bankruptcy – that means you can’t go after him for your money he owes you, BUT if fraud occurred, bankruptcy doesn’t protect that – so we’ll see.

To my knowledge,

no box set Wid has ever done made money

because his expenses were higher than the revenues every time, and then he filed bankruptcy.
To my knowledge,

MANY authors have paid Wid $2000 and sometimes $10,000 to turn a book into a screenplay, or market their book, etc – but the work never got done.

Since people are trusting and optimistic, it’s hard for them to see a predator who, from day one, only sees them as a dollar amount, but sociopaths are that way. They feel nothing for your pain and humiliation after they steal from you. They needed to eat. Or drive a Mercedes. Or take a vacation to Africa.

Why should a scammer work a regular job when taking your money in exchange for a few promises is much easier?

Why take a 15% commission on $10,000 when you can take the whole $10,000?

Federal prison for embezzlement and fraud, that’s one reason.

Wid Bastian wanted poster
But some people never learn. Well, I’m trying to help them learn a little.
At the end of the day, I am relating what I know to be the truth about a con artist. Convicted felon Wid Bastian will have “explanations” for all of it, but no verified documentation to back any of it up. I make no money from saying what I’m saying; Wid is alleged to be taking money from people as we speak.

Why, then, would I do this?

Because I believe the federal prison process got it right. I believe Wid Bastian is a con artist who is actively preying on people right now, and for evil to triumph good people must do nothing.

I refuse to do nothing.

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