Author Profile: Michael E. Dellert

We were fortunate enough to spend a little time recently with Michael Dellert and managed to get him to open up a bit about his process and inner thoughts on writing. Michael is an award-winning writer, editor, publishing consultant, as well as a writing coach. His publishing career spans 20 years. His blog is aContinue reading “Author Profile: Michael E. Dellert”

Christmas Flash Fiction Challenge!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! This is your present, from me to you! It occurred to me that you will have some down time this week. Not today, necessarily, but in a few days. At which time you’ll check in and see we had a writing challenge that could brighten your writing day. And here it is. ForContinue reading “Christmas Flash Fiction Challenge!”

Cracking The Mystery Of “Goodreads For Authors,” Part Two: READERS

A Timely guest blog post by my friend, critique partner and fellow author CJ Andrews – Dan. Sunday afternoon Dan and I were chatting about his post on how authors can use Goodreads. As I rambled on about my thoughts on the topic, we (okay, Dan) realized that a lot of authors may struggle with thisContinue reading “Cracking The Mystery Of “Goodreads For Authors,” Part Two: READERS”

Author Profile: Claire Fullerton

As we try to meet new authors and expand our literary palate, we will meet folks who write in the same genre as us and those who write something other than what we write. I personally believe that a well written story can (and maybe should) contain elements of multiple genres. A drama should haveContinue reading “Author Profile: Claire Fullerton”


If you wanna get right to the challenge skip down to where it says “FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE!”   It is Christmas time! And as most of you know, there are a lot of Christmas specials on TV. And most of them suck.   Honestly, A Mom For Christmas? Look, I liked Olivia Newton John asContinue reading “BEST CHRISTMAS FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE EVER”

5 Ways To Avoid The “You Spend Too Much Time On The Computer” Fight

(I ran this post last year around this time and it’s worth running again. I’m all about helping people.) Nearly every female writer I’ve become friends with has had the same fight with her man: she spends too much time on the computer. (I don’t think ANY of these dustups came during football season, either.Continue reading “5 Ways To Avoid The “You Spend Too Much Time On The Computer” Fight”

Hey, check me out!

I got featured on Indie Plot Twist! How cool is that? There are lots of ways to find followers and get a little recognition. Indie Plot Twist is all over Twitter because they have an innovative way of incorporating your post with clickable tweets that send out the highlights of your message.   I found theContinue reading “Hey, check me out!”

Whaaat??? TWO Flash Fiction challenges in one week?

Sure, why not?   Let’s learn to write a blurb!   We all need to do it, and practice makes perfect! But. Let’s write one for a book or movie we all know, to learn the process. Because while we’re all slapping down words in volume to build a story, a blurb is baiting theContinue reading “Whaaat??? TWO Flash Fiction challenges in one week?”

Still Stuck? How To Unstick Your Unmotivated Writer’s Brain And WRITE

Sometimes a story gets stuck. That sucks, because we’re the ones who drove into the tree, but it happens. (This is not a post about that.)   When the story is fine but the writer is stuck, that’s different. That’s a mental thing, or an organization thing, or whatever, but if you are stuck andContinue reading “Still Stuck? How To Unstick Your Unmotivated Writer’s Brain And WRITE”


BLACK FRIDAY TWO-SENTENCE STORY CHALLENGE Flash fiction is supposed to be short and fast, and it doesn’t get much faster than two sentences! But it’s a holiday weekend here so I wanted to make this fun. (I saw this on CS Wilde’s blog and LOVED the idea. I spent longer thinking about my two sentenceContinue reading “FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE, Black Friday Edition: TWO-SENTENCE STORY”