Announcing the TOUGHEST Flash Fiction Challenge Ever: 4-Way Dialog (AND a special surprise!)

We’ve discussed how difficult it is to write good dialogs. We’ve talked about avoiding dialog tags. We’ve talked about using “beats.” But have we really put that talk into action? Now we will. WARNING: THIS IS THE TOUGHEST FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE EVER Write a conversation between four characters. What, that’s it? Hey, it’s harder thanContinue reading “Announcing the TOUGHEST Flash Fiction Challenge Ever: 4-Way Dialog (AND a special surprise!)”


A VERY special surprise is headed your way. Well… it’s headed here. Not today and not tomorrow, but SOON. I’m very excited about it. I hope you will be. I think you will. I hope so… If it were me, I’d check in Saturday, for sure. Unless I forget.  Then it could be a littleContinue reading “IT… IS COMING!”

Christmas Flash Fiction Challenge!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! This is your present, from me to you! It occurred to me that you will have some down time this week. Not today, necessarily, but in a few days. At which time you’ll check in and see we had a writing challenge that could brighten your writing day. And here it is. ForContinue reading “Christmas Flash Fiction Challenge!”

Whaaat??? TWO Flash Fiction challenges in one week?

Sure, why not?   Let’s learn to write a blurb!   We all need to do it, and practice makes perfect! But. Let’s write one for a book or movie we all know, to learn the process. Because while we’re all slapping down words in volume to build a story, a blurb is baiting theContinue reading “Whaaat??? TWO Flash Fiction challenges in one week?”


If you wanna get right to the challenge skip down to “FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE!” and champagne Leo. . As most of you know, plots are either very easy or very hard. You take a trip to Italy and see a girl on a train? Bingo! Three months and 100,000 words later you’ve written a PulitzerContinue reading “FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE: PLOT POINT”

Flash Fiction Challenge: Add A Line

I have always wanted to do a challenge like this. While this may not technically be flash fiction, since there’s no real definition of flash fiction, well then this definitely is flash fiction. Below is a chunk of my new story, The Water Castle. I’ll set the stage and walk away. You take over fromContinue reading “Flash Fiction Challenge: Add A Line”