5 Ways To Avoid The “You Spend Too Much Time On The Computer” Fight

(I ran this post last year around this time and it’s worth running again. I’m all about helping people.) Nearly every female writer I’ve become friends with has had the same fight with her man: she spends too much time on the computer. (I don’t think ANY of these dustups came during football season, either.Continue reading “5 Ways To Avoid The “You Spend Too Much Time On The Computer” Fight”

Still Stuck? How To Unstick Your Unmotivated Writer’s Brain And WRITE

Sometimes a story gets stuck. That sucks, because we’re the ones who drove into the tree, but it happens. (This is not a post about that.)   When the story is fine but the writer is stuck, that’s different. That’s a mental thing, or an organization thing, or whatever, but if you are stuck andContinue reading “Still Stuck? How To Unstick Your Unmotivated Writer’s Brain And WRITE”

How To Get Past The Tricky Spot In Your Story

We all occasionally reach a spot in the story where we don’t know what to do, how to get the characters past a certain obstacle. If it lasts a while, people call it writer’s block. So don’t let it last. In Poggibonsi, the tricky spot was trying to think up a way for Mike’s wife toContinue reading “How To Get Past The Tricky Spot In Your Story”

Endurance: Don’t Quit =/= Never Take Breaks

A critique partner and friend recently noted that I’m looking even more prolific the past few days, putting out a few chapters of my story for inquiring eyes at the critique website. Kinda sorta. Now, you know I am a BIG advocate of WRITE EVERY DAY, but I recognized something that you need to knowContinue reading “Endurance: Don’t Quit =/= Never Take Breaks”

Why YOU Should Join A Critique Group, You Arrogant SOB

I was an arrogant writer when Savvy Stories came out. Still am. You have to have an ego to put out a book and expect strangers to spend money on it – and enjoy it and not return it and not laugh at you and not… You get the idea. I laughed when I wasContinue reading “Why YOU Should Join A Critique Group, You Arrogant SOB”

After you FIND time to Write – actually WRITE!

  Authors are, as a group, unorganized and easily distracted. Me, included. After I find them additional hours a day to write, they fill that time up with nonwriting. Emails, Facebook, Twitter, online writing course, articles. Cat videos… First, write. ONLY when you have the writing finished for the day, then and only then doContinue reading “After you FIND time to Write – actually WRITE!”

5 Ways To Find Time To Write

I don’t have time to write! Sure you do, Binkie. A book a year may have worked for a booze-addled Hemingway, but times have changed. There’s the interwebs! Plus, you’re no Hemingway. And alcoholism turned out to be a bad thing. But we all have the same 24 hours each day. That’s plenty of timeContinue reading “5 Ways To Find Time To Write”