Look at this! How did this happen??? You are no doubt reading along enjoying today’s post, “20 Questions With Author Barbara Tarn” – as well you should be – and LOOK what’s also happening today (more or less). LOOK! What, you don’t see? Step closer to the glass, Clarice. Closer, please. Closer… What????? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? We are almostContinue reading “YOU GUYYYYYS!!!!!!”

What Am I Supposed To Be Doing On Goodreads?

I’m going to tell you this little story for several reasons. It’s a sad cry for help, yes, but in a good way. Also, I’m a pretty honest guy, depending on who you ask. When I’m clueless, which is rare but it happens, I’ll probably admit it. (Recently, we discussed building your author platform HERE,Continue reading “What Am I Supposed To Be Doing On Goodreads?”


If you wanna get right to the challenge skip down to where it says “FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE!”   It is Christmas time! And as most of you know, there are a lot of Christmas specials on TV. And most of them suck.   Honestly, A Mom For Christmas? Look, I liked Olivia Newton John asContinue reading “BEST CHRISTMAS FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE EVER”

Hey, check me out!

I got featured on Indie Plot Twist! How cool is that? There are lots of ways to find followers and get a little recognition. Indie Plot Twist is all over Twitter because they have an innovative way of incorporating your post with clickable tweets that send out the highlights of your message.   I found theContinue reading “Hey, check me out!”


BLACK FRIDAY TWO-SENTENCE STORY CHALLENGE Flash fiction is supposed to be short and fast, and it doesn’t get much faster than two sentences! But it’s a holiday weekend here so I wanted to make this fun. (I saw this on CS Wilde’s blog and LOVED the idea. I spent longer thinking about my two sentenceContinue reading “FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE, Black Friday Edition: TWO-SENTENCE STORY”

Yes, BLOG! What New Authors Need To Know About Building A Platform

Occasionally a new author will write me with a question or problem and I’ll answer it here so we can all learn.   Dear Dan, I went to a writers’ conference last weekend (which was kind of intimidating) but I learned a lot about writing technique and learned some things about myself. I’m not aContinue reading “Yes, BLOG! What New Authors Need To Know About Building A Platform”

Endurance: Don’t Quit =/= Never Take Breaks

A critique partner and friend recently noted that I’m looking even more prolific the past few days, putting out a few chapters of my story for inquiring eyes at the critique website. Kinda sorta. Now, you know I am a BIG advocate of WRITE EVERY DAY, but I recognized something that you need to knowContinue reading “Endurance: Don’t Quit =/= Never Take Breaks”

New Author Interview: Jaye Marie, a NaNoWriMo Success Story

When I was a brand new writer, I didn’t worry too much about how to write a story or what the process was. I just was relating funny stories about first-time parents with a new baby in the house. A lot of sleep deprived people could relate to that, so it transitioned pretty easily intoContinue reading “New Author Interview: Jaye Marie, a NaNoWriMo Success Story”

What the HECK is a Virtual Assistant???

I know people who use Virtual Assistants and swear by them, and I know a lot of authors who are swamped with trying to run a blog and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and Snapchat, etc., and still find time to write – but don’t think they can delegate any of these tasks, and don’tContinue reading “What the HECK is a Virtual Assistant???”

When Should I Start Publicizing My New Book?

Occasionally I get a question from a fellow author with a problem and I answer it here. Dear Dan, My novel is still in its first draft. It´s long, I still have to finish it, and I write a LOT every day, but there´s still a lot of time before it will be published. ManyContinue reading “When Should I Start Publicizing My New Book?”