How To Get Past The Tricky Spot In Your Story

We all occasionally reach a spot in the story where we don’t know what to do, how to get the characters past a certain obstacle. If it lasts a while, people call it writer’s block. So don’t let it last. In Poggibonsi, the tricky spot was trying to think up a way for Mike’s wife toContinue reading “How To Get Past The Tricky Spot In Your Story”

Endurance: Don’t Quit =/= Never Take Breaks

A critique partner and friend recently noted that I’m looking even more prolific the past few days, putting out a few chapters of my story for inquiring eyes at the critique website. Kinda sorta. Now, you know I am a BIG advocate of WRITE EVERY DAY, but I recognized something that you need to knowContinue reading “Endurance: Don’t Quit =/= Never Take Breaks”

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