I am not a stalker………………… (but please “stalk” me!)

Did I mention I live in Seattle?
Did I mention I live in Seattle?

We author types LOVE it when our friends support us on several platforms! For example, I am a Critique Partner with a few people. So, to help support their efforts…

I follow their blogs,

I’m following them on Twitter,

if they have a book out I “Like” their Amazon page,

I am Facebook friends with them

if they have a Facebook author page, I Like and Follow it

as well as emailing with them when necessary

I follow their Pinterest site and

I follow them on Instagram

Yeah, that's a LOT
Yeah, that’s a LOT

So that’s eight different stalker-ish ways to help and support my author friends. Cos we’re friends! We have all these platforms and we need friends on them, so we support each other.

Feel free to do that for me, too!

And while that sounds like a lot of stuff, I’d say 90% of the interaction takes place on Facebook, 5% on email, 5% on our critique site, and less than 1% on Twitter and the rest. That’s just a guess, depending on the friend. Some are more active on email and less on Facebook, or whatever.

But it all helps you have a presence for new fans to find you, and if something takes off like a Twitter post or something, they can help you keep it going.

The way to make your favorite author happy is to support their platform wherever you can. Stalk them, so to speak. They’ll love it. Just don’t show up at the house, you know?

In fact…

It's nice to have friends.
I’m not the dorky dude, either.

We should all be Liking and following each other anyway. Post your stuff in the comments and click through to support me and everybody else. Theoretically, if we all did it, we’d all have hundreds of new followers on all our social media sites. More is good.

(It could work.)

Where’s Dan? Well…

Facebook Author site HERE

Amazon author page HERE

Twitter HERE

WordPress blog you should know by now

Pinterest HERE

Instagram HERE

Google Plus HERE

Email – you need to buy me dinner first, and not Mickey D’s, but someplace nice. But hit the Contact Me button if you need to get me.

Support you authors!

What are some ways YOU can suggest to be more supportive?

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