New Release: Dark Hour

The latest in THE GAMMA SEQUENCE medical thriller series is almost here! DARK HOUR December 5, Dark Hour goes live! A TICKING TIME BOMB WITH THEIR DAUGHTER AS THE HOSTAGE A mysterious package is delivered to Hamilton DeShear and Jaden Trinn – by a driver who then brutally commits suicide on their property. The boxContinue reading “New Release: Dark Hour”

New Release: Third Degree

The latest in the Carly-Sergio DOUBLE BLIND thriller series is here! THIRD DEGREE October 11 Third Degree goes live! A fire has no conscience. Neither does a serial firebomber. Tampa detectives Carly Sanderson and Sergio Martin agree to join a newly-formed, multi-state task force and immediately find themselves navigating between the Georgia backwoods and theContinue reading “New Release: Third Degree”

“This is one of those books a person just can’t put down.”

My medical thriller The Gamma Sequence gets reviewed at Sunny Island Breezes blog. Check it out. I don’t know where to start. This is one of those books a person just can’t put down. It’s fast paced with lots of action. Lanaya Kim tricks Hamilton DeShear into going with her to track down a killerContinue reading ““This is one of those books a person just can’t put down.””

Wings & Fire: A horror anthology with 23 stories from 15 authors (The Box Under The Bed Book 5)

Wings & Fire, the newest horror anthology in the Box Under The Bed series, compiled by Dan Alatorre, is currently available for pre-order and will be published on the 15th of January. I am delighted to say that I have three short stories in this anthology and they are all different. One is a dystopian…

A ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review for The Keepers (The Gamma Sequence Book 4) by Dan Alatorre USA Today Best Selling Author

Originally posted on Sassy Redhead Book Reviews:
Hank DeShear is a private detective that has endured tragedy in his past, now he has the responsibility of a 5-year girl, Constantine, that is very special and very sought after. He will do anything to keep her safe and protected, but when he is double-crossed by boat…

What is an example of an emotionally driven challenge in a story?

You guys read stories. You watch movies, see plays… What is a good example of an emotionally driven challenge in a story you liked? Reply and let me know. Could be a book or movie, whatever, but explain a little about the challenge and the character that undertook it, and why it stood out toContinue reading “What is an example of an emotionally driven challenge in a story?”