110 thoughts on “Name a movie you’ve seen five times and are still entertained by

  1. Oh, can I name many? *giggles*
    Point Break from 1991 (haven’t seen the new one)
    All the Harry Potter movies -I love the way both the books and the movies gets darker and darker as Harry grows older and older. (And… I’m a Potter-head)
    Love Actually – my fav X-mas movie
    Taxi – the french movie from 1998, not the american one
    The Princess Bride – all I can say is EPIC!

    OK, that was a few…. *giggles*

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  2. Clue. Murder on the Orient Express. Death on the Nile. Pride and Prejudice (mini series version), Star Wars 4, 5, 6, Indianan Jones 1, 2, 3, Gosford Park. And that’s just off the top of my head. Oooh Turk 182, The Rescue, SWAT, Die Hard 1, 2, 3, 4, Lethal Weapon 1, 2, 3, 4…Guess the top of my head wasn’t done yet.

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  3. Fight Club, Twelve Monkeys, Practical Magic, The Departed, The Matrix, Gattaca, Romeo and Juliette, Anna Karenina, The Usual Suspects, The Shawshank Redemption, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Life is Beautiful, Casablanca, Gladiator, Braveheart, Gone with the Wind, Kill Bill(s)…

    Oh, I’m sorry…
    Did you say one?

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  4. Hm, I don’t usually watch movies or tv. But I loved the made for tv movie of Jane Eyre with George C Scott. Otherwise, I like action films like Die Hard or even Fast and Furious. But, truth to tell, I’ve only watched it once. I rarely (can’t remember the last time) watch a movie more than once.

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  5. Witness … barn raising scene always makes me tingle. The Bourne trilogy..always seeing something new in these films. Sound of Music, Love Actually, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones…you can see why I’m writing romance! And as for live theatre..Blood Brothers…seen at least 5 times over the years with different casts…brilliant. And the absolute best thing I’ve ever seen on stage… Beautiful-The Carol King Story.

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    • Oh, the freaking Sound Of Music… Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie. I have it on DVD. I took it on a road trip to NC a few weeks ago so my kid could see mountains on the screen and out the window (I don’t know; it made sense at the time). I’ll be even more candid – it’s about 7 children with a coldhearted father who comes to realize he didn’t know them and wants to, and that was like my family growing up. I cry every time I see it!


      My daughter played that movie many many many times on that road trip. The songs are stuck in my head STILL.

      Literally, for days I was humming, “The hiiiiiiiiills are aliiiiiiive!”

      Awful. Nobody needs that.

      In fact, I’d pretty much gotten it OUT of my head until you mentioned it just now…

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  6. Kind Hearts and Cornets with Alec Guiness and Dennis Price. Cinema Pardiso with Salvatore Cascio and Phillipe Noiret. The Blues Brothers with John Belushinand Dan Ackroyd. Fletch with Chevy Chase. Uncle Buck with John Candy and finally any of the Bourne Trilogy with Matt Damon😊😊

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  7. Balto
    Bringing Up Baby
    Full Metal Jacket
    And films where everyone drives around like fury, shooting at each other, while standing on the roofs of the car, and the hero hits everyone apart from the main villain who has to be despatched at the end with a witty or profound statement (and a big explosion)….

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      • Indeed you are, a good dad with excellent taste!
        Kulbrick was a genius there’s no doubt; he was provocative and could evoke such powerful emotions. Another of his great films was ‘Paths of Glory’ with Kirk Douglas, each time leaves me so steaming angry at the injustice. By the same token I dislike Clockwork Orange and Dr Strangelove with an intensity that is beyond normal….now a director has to be so very good to cause such feelings. Two of my favourites and two of my pet hates….same man….Wow….far out (as we used to say in the 60s)

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  8. What a fun post! Ok, let me see…

    Sense and Sensibility, The English Patient, Thunderheart, Rocky I-IV, It’s a Wonderful Life, Coming to America (I actually reference that in my WIP), Honeymoon in Vegas… The list goes on and on. πŸ™‚

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    • Yeah, The Santa Claus has shown to have real staying power. It’s a holiday classic now. Plus my all time fave, Jurassic Park – none better. (It was on cable one week and I think I watched it 5 times in 5 days.)


  9. Matrix: love the mythological references. Every time I see it I pick up something new. Like Neo = neo platonism a new philosophy. Morpheus was based on the mythological Orpheus who guarded 2 doorways: 1 to true thought. Plus it’s kick ass fun!

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    • The Incredibles was funny for a lot of reasons. My daughter saw it as a toddler when it was on cable and she became terribly afraid of robots as a result. But she would bravely try to watch it again and again for some reason. Each time the robot in the jungle was about to appear, she would yell “I’m afraid of robots!” and ask me to cover her eyes. I was usually doing something else at the time, too, so it wasn’t easy. And I’d HEAR the movie each time, because I worked from home so I was writing or working, so I was within earshot, but couldn’t see it. So one day I finally sat down and watched it with her and I LOVED IT – and shortly thereafter she stopped worrying about robots. (I explained that the coffeemaker was a robot, the refrigerator, the car, etc. That REALLY backfired for a while because she didn’t want to get in the car, but she worked through it. They were friendly robots.)

      Anyway, after she and I watched it, I realized I’d memorized all the lines and so had she. So then we would quote the movie to each other or to the movie as it played. I bet I can still do it.

      No capes!

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  10. Thomas the Tank Engine fifty million times when the kids were little. Used to turn the sound off – can still hear it! All the Star Wars. Avatar – amazing scenery. Saving Grace – best british comedy ever. Ice Age – just gotta love Scrat. … love all the Pixar animated movies.

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