Name A Book Or Movie That will Make You Cry



Simple enough, huh?

When you get somebody to be honest about this, you learn about them. When you’re honest about this yourself, you learn about you.

When you dissect it, you learn about writing.

What the author or screenwriter did to make you cry was a series of repeatable steps that you can learn to do for your stories.

Janice Hardy mentioned 5 Common Elements to Likable Characters

  • They show compassion or empathy
  • They have strength or fortitude
  • They display a talent or skill
  • They’re funny or entertaining
  • They’re broken in some fashion
  • They have a dream

(Janice Hardy’s Fiction University, April 30, 2014 That looks like six to me…

After you like a character, when they feel pain, you sympathize. When they are emotionally distraught, you are.

When they cry, you cry.

You gonna argue with Robert Frost?
You gonna argue with Robert Frost?

So, think about what made you like the character, and then the steps that got you there. Odds are it’ll be some of Janice’s five.

Also, if other characters like your character, the reader will. If they look up to him, readers will see that.

Then think about the steps involved in making you want to cry for the character.

If you look at two or three movies, you’ll assemble the steps to likability that work for you, and the second set of steps that made you cry. That’s a powerful tool to deliver in any story, and readers tend to remember it. After all, you didn’t need an hour to come up with a story that made you cry, did you?

So? What books or movies made you cry?


Your humble host.
Your humble host.

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