Okay, What’s The Big Surprise?

Ta daaaaahhh! Here it is:

YOU can win one of 5 signed paperback copies of “Savvy Stories, funny things I learned from my daughter” by entering a Goodreads promo right now!

Click HERE to enter the promo.

goodreads ad ss 1
Not much to look at, is it?

Okay, you’re giving away a book. Why is that a big deal?

In a word,


Marketing? Eek! Eek! Eek!

Learn along with me! You need to see how these marketing things work!

savvystories1 perry kirkpatrickJoin the giveaway, and share the links with your friends. When the time comes, I can help promote your book (as I have so many others here) with interviews and guest blog posts, or I’ll tweet it to my 17,000 Twitter followers etc.

We’ll help each other become more successful.

You want that.  

Most author types aren’t great at the marketing stuff. Heck, I’m not sure anybody is. But by entering promos – the kinds you’d hope to do for YOUR book – you’ll see how they work (just like we said to join Goodreads, the world’s largest book club. Have you done that? Send me a friend request when you do. We’ll be buds).

As author types you want to do promotions.

As readers, you want to benefit from promotions.

You’ll have questions when you do. Learn along with me!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Enter to win my hilarious book: CLICK THIS LINK
  • Post my promo on your Facebook page and Tweet about it. Tell your friends. This is a funny book that’s not likely to offend anybody, so it’s cool. Some of my other stuff, you may wanna not tell your mom about.
  • Newsletter subscribers can get more details but everybody will be updated on what I did and how it’s working. You’ll want that when you go to do your promotion for your book.
  • Maybe YOU did a Goodreads promo. Share that information in the comments section so we have a good collection of ideas like we did for the interview post. What about it worked? What didn’t work? Would you recommend running it on Super Bowl weekend? No? Me, either, but I messed it up and that’s what it is now.
00 Savvy Stories funny bone
See? I’m not the only one who thinks it’s funny.

Some authors run a GR promo for 30 days. That seems long to me. Some run it for ten (that’s what I’m doing). Some buy ads, too, even though the promo itself costs nothing (I spent $50; we’ll see what that gets me).

In the end, we all wanna sell more books. Did having over 2000 Goodreads friends help this promotion? We’ll see. If it does, can YOU have over 2000 Goodreads friends? Sure. I do, so you can.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, we are BUILDING a promo platform.


What’s a promo platform?

This book will benefit from these tests. So will yours!

Well, I like to test things. I wanna see how Savvy Stories does in this promo before I roll out my new book, The Navigators, and start promoting it.

Savvy Stories is kind of the test run for Navigators – and maybe for your book.

How you become an expert is by doing something a lot. We all need help and ideas for promos because it’s not second nature to us and because the interwebs are changing all the time. What works best? What would you do again? Find out as we do it.

First, as I do this promo, I build interest in me and my OTHER books as well.

Second, after checking it out, maybe some potential readers aren’t interested in Savvy Stories. I have other books for them to look at.

Maybe they follow me on Amazon, or here. When they stroll through my bookstore – my Amazon page – there’s a lot to look at. Sales of other books go up when interest in any book goes up.

Later, if I run a sale or whatever, a LOT of GR readers will already have me on their radar and sales will benefit from that.


But first things first. Join the giveaway and share it with your friends!

I’ll keep you posted on the rest!

Have YOU done a Goodreads promo for you book? Tell me about it, below!

Have you entered a Goodreads promotion? Tell us about it!

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Your humble host.

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19 thoughts on “Okay, What’s The Big Surprise?

  1. Here are my stats so far: BEFORE this post came out, I had “44 people requesting” the book through the Goodreads promotion. (I’m not impressed but I don’t know what time they listed the promo and I haven’t done any promoting yet myself.) The 44 requesting means they entered, I guess, and if they don’t win, some will want to buy the book anyway. Some will buy it right now just because they saw the promo and didn’t want to wait, as the eBook version is only a couple of bucks. But those are the numbers before any real announcements go out.

  2. Not available in the UK wahhhh!

    Okay I’m not really complaining. I had two giveaways and posting my signed books to the US cost more than the book itself, which considering I have to buy my own books at full price in the UK (and pay income tax on the royalties I get from buying them myself), made it an extremely expensive way to… well I’m not sure I benefitted from it at all. I also paid for a GR ad campaign. Same outcome.

    Hopefully you’ll get a better outcome though because my books are boring and lack humour!! Good books sell themselves, but no will in the world can sell a bad one!

  3. Yeah, I suspected that the cost of postage would be ridiculously high, and that my friends across the pond(s) would be understanding. But lesson learned; maybe there’s something we can do after this where you guys can participate. Like an eBook giveaway (which GR doesn’t do.) We’ll think of something.

  4. As of Sunday morning 5am, 126 people have registered. So far I did a blog post, above, some tweets and some Facebook posts – not a lot of work. Several of you picked up the ball and ran with it – thank you – sharing the FB post or retweeting my comments.

    My expectation is people enter these giveaway promotions at the beginning when it’s new and at the end when it’s about to expire, so I’d estimate 125 from day 1, another 125 from day 10 when it’s expiring, and maybe 10-20 a day in between, for a total of around 400 people entering the giveaway as it stands now.

    That’s about half as many as most promotions for a new release book (Savvy Stories is not a new release) so I’ll be okay with that. Hopefully my next Goodreads promo builds on that.

    I’ll keep you posted!

  5. Monday morning there were about 170 or so registered. I thought I posted that somewhere but maybe not.

    Tuesday 6am: 204 people have registered, about 104 have it on their to-read list (shown in your author dashboard page). I have a “banner” reminder at the top of my blog posts – IF it’s a post from me. There aren’t banners at the to of guest blog posts. A few (okay, a dozen) tweets and stuff had the link to the blog post which had the banner on it.

  6. Wednesday 6am
    226 requesting, 113 have it on their to read list.

    Going to 226 so quickly exceeded my expectations but I think we’ve settled into the curve I was expecting. I assume fewer people to register each day for a few days and then a surge near the end. Hope we can get to 400!

  7. Thursday 6am: 245 people requesting (about 20 more), 120 to read (the “to read” has consistently been about 50% of the requesting number)

    Yesterday I posted in about 40 free books/author groups in Facebook, a few tweets. I added some friends to GR. That’s about all.

  8. 5:30PM Friday (Valentine’s Day weekend)
    275 requesting (increase of 30), to read 134 (increase of 14) during the day; that’s the amount I expect over 24 hours.

    I don’t know; that seems like a big jump so I logged it. We’ll see what we have in the morning.

  9. Saturday 6:30am
    286 requesting, 137 to read.

    I guess the lesson is: start your promo before the weekend. Definitely get it up and running before Friday. Seems obvious but it’s always worth verifying, and this is a unique weekend, with Valentine’s Day in Sunday and Presidents’ Day Monday. I have to think that will diminish what would otherwise be higher numbers but we are on track to hit our goal of 400 sign ups.

  10. Monday 2/15 9:30am – 1 day remaining of original date (ends Monday at midnight)
    345 requesting
    160 to read

    I’m not going to extend the giveaway because that causes it to become de-listed and you have to resubmit, which can take 1-2 days. No point in doing that at this point, and now we know for next time. Still looks like we won’t make our goal of 400 but maybe with some tweets today, who knows.

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