Looks Like Things Are Improving!

I try to be an optimist in business. There’s always someone who’s making a breakthrough when everyone else is down… …and I think, Why not me? (It’s usually NOT me, but one can always hope!) I have many, MANY author friends who’ve said their sales are down 30% (or more) since March 2020. They areContinue reading “Looks Like Things Are Improving!”

We’re Putting The Band Back Together!

Some phrases say a lot with a little. They’re kinda like memes before memes were cool. If memes are cool… (Can’t say I’m digging the new WordPress editing system. Lots of extra hoops to jump through and who needs that? Keep it simple, WP!) So I was talking to a friend recently, and we wereContinue reading “We’re Putting The Band Back Together!”

Word Echoes – what they are and why you need to get them out of your story

Sydney knelt at the edge of the stream, rubbing her fingers to get the dead girl’s blood off. The water was colder than she expected, almost icy. Winter was coming fast this year. Lifting her hands to her face, she inspected her short nails. No mud remained visible under them. Next to her, Bonnie stoodContinue reading “Word Echoes – what they are and why you need to get them out of your story”