My Review of The Gamma Sequence, Book Two, Rogue Elements By Dan Alatorre

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Review of The Gamma Sequence, Book Two Rogue Elements a medical thriller by Dan Alatorre I was given this book as a gift and absolutely loved it. I have read other works by Dan Alatorre and I really like his writing style and sharp dialogue. With, Rogue Elements he pushes everything…

Go Rogue – Rogue Elements, The Gamma Sequence book 2

Beta Reader praise for Rogue Elements. Wanna go rogue? Contact me HERE and get a FREE copy for a limited time. A masterful thriller! A riveting thriller by Dan Alatorre, the fast-paced plot is loaded with suspense, intrigue and chilling implications for the future of genetic research. I cannot wait for the next book in thisContinue reading “Go Rogue – Rogue Elements, The Gamma Sequence book 2”

SHOW Versus TELL in Storytelling

We have addressed hundreds of writing related topics here on the blog; use the search button to find the ones you need. your humble host The phrase I see myself writing most often to new writers is, “You need to work on adding emotion and showing more, telling less.” Add emotion. Show, don’t tell. Well,Continue reading “SHOW Versus TELL in Storytelling”

CAUTION: Reader Says Rogue Elements Causes Insomnia!

Actual reader email: Hi Dan, Consider yourself responsible for my current insomnia episode. I started reading your book yesterday evening…  Well, I’m over half of it and I just can’t put it down. It’s a Blast. Even better than the first one. You’re definitely “my man” mate.   Yep. Preorder your copy of Rogue ElementsContinue reading “CAUTION: Reader Says Rogue Elements Causes Insomnia!”

2019 Horror Anthology: Nightmareland FREE for a limited time

Special Offer, just in time for Halloween! I know most of you aren’t into horror stories, but for those of you who are, I have a book for you! My latest horror anthology Nightmareland is available FREE to my Readers Club members for a limited if you contact me and ask for it. That’s it! I’llContinue reading “2019 Horror Anthology: Nightmareland FREE for a limited time”

Loving Rogue Elements

A beta reader replies… (spoilers ahead) “Grabbed me right away and soon after got an actual “WOL” (WOW’D-Out-Loud)… seriously, I only stopped reading to feed the dogs and heat up a bowl of soup for myself. You’ve outdone yourself and I’m joyfully exhausted from all the action. Normally I prefer longer books but this oneContinue reading “Loving Rogue Elements”

The Gamma Sequence = Better than Jeffrey Deaver

“Hi Dan – My opinion that Jeffery Deaver is the best gotcha author in the business has changed. It’s you. I was shocked right down to the last page. “I’m putting the final touches on my Double Blind review and will send it along when posted (and it will also go on Amazon and Goodreads).”Continue reading “The Gamma Sequence = Better than Jeffrey Deaver”

Interview With Author Dan Alatorre (by Author Heather Kindt)

This insightful interview by Heather Kindt is one of my faves. You can read a little here, but be sure to click over and read the rest at her blog. Lots of good tips, and I really enjoyed her interview style. Proud she referred to me as one of her mentors! Best-selling author, Dan AlatorreContinue reading “Interview With Author Dan Alatorre (by Author Heather Kindt)”