I just wrote one of the best chapter I’ve ever written.

I just wrote one of the best chapter I’ve ever written.

And if I were to read it again right now, every ounce of passion and emotion and tension would be right there on the page.

The problem is, all that stuff probably isn’t there. At least not the way I imagined it in my head when I wrote it.

So I’m going to let it rest and I’m gonna come back to it tomorrow or the next day. I’ll have a fresh perspective and I’ll be able to see what’s missing and really fatten it up until it is dripping with emotion and has everybody clinging to the arm of the chair with white knuckles because of the tension.

I’m within a week of finishing Primary Target and within three weeks of requesting beta readers.


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7 thoughts on “I just wrote one of the best chapter I’ve ever written.

  1. It’s definitely the best feeling, especially when you consider that you get to feel it twice! When it’s really good, and then when you’ve made it even better!

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