The Scandal of National Polls.

I know you don’t come here for politics but this isn’t necessarily political. The news people know this, or should, but we don’t have national elections for president. We have 50 individual state elections, and each state gets to decide their rules for it. So why do they take national polls? It’s irrelevant. California hasContinue reading “The Scandal of National Polls.”

I just wrote one of the best chapter I’ve ever written.

I just wrote one of the best chapter I’ve ever written. And if I were to read it again right now, every ounce of passion and emotion and tension would be right there on the page. The problem is, all that stuff probably isn’t there. At least not the way I imagined it in myContinue reading “I just wrote one of the best chapter I’ve ever written.”

Looks Like Things Are Improving!

I try to be an optimist in business. There’s always someone who’s making a breakthrough when everyone else is down… …and I think, Why not me? (It’s usually NOT me, but one can always hope!) I have many, MANY author friends who’ve said their sales are down 30% (or more) since March 2020. They areContinue reading “Looks Like Things Are Improving!”