Ridiculously Simple SEO to Take Your Blog to the Top – a reblog from Nosegraze

(This post discusses SEO information found in a Nosegraze article, as well as information from Dan Alatorre.)

Must... keep up... with the changes!
Must… keep up… with the changes!

The interwebs are a-changing, folks.

When I started blogging three or so years ago, I had no followers and almost nothing to say – sound familiar?

My blog situation stayed that way for about two years, and I got to the point where I considered stopping altogether. I mentioned this to a friend, who made some very smart suggestions, and we were off to the races! I think we have added 400 blog followers this year. Sometimes we are adding one an hour.

You could say the advice worked. It did – for then.

(Read about using social media for expanding your author platform HERE and HERE.)

Hmm... what about now?
Hmm… what about now?

What about now?

I like short, snappy posts, but I rarely write short posts these days because my highest traffic comes from longer posts. That’s not a discovery I made, it’s what my review of my statistics showed.

“Data shows that a huge portion of the #1 ranking sites are LONG. They’re wordy. Like 1500 massive words.” – Nosegraze

Catchy titles helped.

Relevant content was HUGE.

But there were/are other factors at work. I found the following article and wanted to bring it to your attention. It was eye opening in many respects but it also shows that while shorter posts may have been the vogue in 2014, longer posts may be the vogue for 2016, and other factors are going to play a role as well.

It’s kind of a sales oriented post, meaning it looks like there’s a product they want you to sign up for after you read it, and I’m not recommending or un-recommending that; I have no knowledge of the product, so to speak. I liked the information in the post and thought you’d benefit from it as well.

SEO? I think I give to them at work.
SEO? I think I give to them at work.

I’m not an SEO person, really.

(If you are and want to do a guest blog to educate us on that, hit the Contact Me button and let me know!)

Here’s the Nosegraze article:



“Ridiculously Simple SEO to Take Your Blog to the Top” – from Nosegraze

Let’s talk about SEO.

Not the super technical bits, because those are confusing.

Let’s talk about what it really is so you can actually understand what the hell is going on.

seriously-simple-seoSEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. But maybe you already know that. What you DON’T know is what the hell that actually is. Seriously. What is it?

At its core, SEO is how likely it is that someone will see your blog come up in a search engine result.

Okay well let’s think about that for a second.

Imagine that you search for something in Google. What usually happens? For me, it’s something like this:

  • I type in my search.
  • I give some SERIOUS consideration to the first few results (like the top 3).
  • If one of the titles of the top results catches my eye, I click on it.
  • If those top results don’t answer my question, then I go back and look at some of the other results on the first page.
  • If I still don’t have my answer at the end of the first page of results, I search for something else. I revise my query because maybe I didn’t search for the right thing.

What can you take away from that information?

  • People look at the top results first.
  • People rarely go beyond page #1 of search results.

Once you understand that, you realize that “SEO” is all about ranking as high as possible on search engines.

If SEO is all about getting SEEN in search results, then that means you have to be in a place that people are likely to read and click on. That means page one. More specifically, it means the top half of page one. Ideally the first result.

But how do you actually get to #1?

To read the rest of the article, click HERE

Original article from the website Nosegraze


Your humble host.
Your humble host.

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8 thoughts on “Ridiculously Simple SEO to Take Your Blog to the Top – a reblog from Nosegraze

  1. So many good points here. I found a guy — Derek Murphy — who is always offering free advice pertinent to writing and improving everything related to being an author…free books, free chapter reviews, free book cover and blurb analysis, etc… I was (and still am) amazed by all the information he brings to his blog sites, and I find myself reading everything he writes from top to bottom. Some people just seem to know how to attract readers, and offering relevant information is absolutely key. I am not adept at realizing and writing pertinent articles because I want to write what I am passionate about, but my passion isn’t relevant to a lot of people. So I am trying to find a balance between social media interaction, blog writing, book writing, being helpful, and soaking up help….and I often feel bogged down and hopeless. Nevertheless, articles like this one help keep me going. I, like so many others, am constantly striving to improve myself in so many ways. This is motivation for me to read other’s blogs as well as motivation for me to become better at writing my own.

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