“My Blog SUCKS and I’m Kinda Clueless” – what you need to fix your broken blog

The blog has been kicking it this week
The blog has been kicking butt. Click image to be amazed.

THIS blog is THRIVING – but a lot of other blogs aren’t. Every day I get emails telling me how much I was able to help out another blogger or author. It warms my heart, and I thank you all, because YOU are a large part of why my blog is successful.

The ways to make your blog thrive are not difficult, but they aren’t exactly easy, either.

This has been one of my most well-received posts, so I wanted to rerun it today to help others who haven’t seen it.


If you already read it – read it again. There’s lots of good stuff you probably forgot.


it was a dark, scary place
it was a dark, scary place

This is a LONG one. Wade through it.

Dear Dan,

My blog sucks and I’m kinda clueless about what to do with it…”

Okay, nobody said that… directly.

Indirectly, LOTS of you have. And lots of blogs scream it.

Not to worry. I’m here to help.

I’ve been reading a lot of other authors’ blogs lately. Not because they’re good, although LOTS are, and not to make myself feel better about this blog, although mine is definitely better than some of what I’ve been reading.

I read them to learn.

blog cancelledThe suffering writers of these blogs I’ve been reading will, on occasion, mention book sales. 50 sales in a month is the average for people who are working their butt off and that means half of them are selling less than that.

Trust me, I’d have been happy as hell to have had 50 sales in ANY of my first six months. I didn’t have 50 total over my first six months, combined. ZERO is an exaggeration but it’s close.

(BTW, here are some tips for getting reviews for your book, too.)

When I started putting books out I asked other authors what worked for them as far as marketing, etc. Many were happy to give me advice, and I am happy to share that advice with you. Yes, it’s all going to find its way into a How To Market EBooks trilogy and Write Better Books – because that’s what I do. I write and sell books. But you’re getting that information for free right now, aren’t you, smartie!

This is so sad. Seriously! And this is AVOIDABLE.

Here’s some mistakes I see in unsuccessful blogs…

For the rest, click HERE

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