The Gamma Sequence = Better than Jeffrey Deaver

“Hi Dan – My opinion that Jeffery Deaver is the best gotcha author in the business has changed. It’s you. I was shocked right down to the last page. “I’m putting the final touches on my Double Blind review and will send it along when posted (and it will also go on Amazon and Goodreads).”Continue reading “The Gamma Sequence = Better than Jeffrey Deaver”

Interview With Author Dan Alatorre (by Author Heather Kindt)

This insightful interview by Heather Kindt is one of my faves. You can read a little here, but be sure to click over and read the rest at her blog. Lots of good tips, and I really enjoyed her interview style. Proud she referred to me as one of her mentors! Best-selling author, Dan AlatorreContinue reading “Interview With Author Dan Alatorre (by Author Heather Kindt)”

Great Stories Have Great Subplots and Great Sidebars

We have addressed hundreds of writing related topics here on the blog; use the search button to find the ones you need. SIDEBARS (also known Side Roads, or as, wait, what just happened?) If your reader trusts you – and you usually start out with the benefit of the doubt – you can do aContinue reading “Great Stories Have Great Subplots and Great Sidebars”

The Gamma Sequence 2: ROGUE ELEMENTS – Is Complete (And It Is BRILLIANT!)

Rogue Elements, the sequel to The Gamma Sequence, was started on approximately August 18, 2019, or a few days before, as a standalone sequel to The Gamma Sequence. I had already kicked around some ideas but I thought having DeShear dying as he tried to solve another case was a good idea. THE BLURB: AfterContinue reading “The Gamma Sequence 2: ROGUE ELEMENTS – Is Complete (And It Is BRILLIANT!)”

Dan Alatorre is Writing a Sequel to The Gamma Sequence!

Originally posted on A Girl and Her Book Reviews:
This is an excerpt from an email Dan Alatorre recently sent out to his subscriber list: To be honest, I’m not even sure how it happened. I remember being in my office, working diligently on the horror anthology and outlining the Double Blind sequel… writing a…