John Lennon, The Beatles, and Savvy’s Feet In Diamonds

Maybe John Lennon wasn’t full of crap after all.   When people said the title of one of the Beatles songs, “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” was a reference to the drug LSD, he denied it. But since the Beatles were said to be experimenting with drugs at the time, a lot of people didn’tContinue reading “John Lennon, The Beatles, and Savvy’s Feet In Diamonds”

Pen Names, Alter Egos, and Other Pretend Identities

If I ever write under a pen name or other name… I might want a place for people to go to know for sure it was really me (so if it does well I’d get credit). Here are a few alter egos and pretend writer identities that are still me: David Duanes Jessica McClintock ThoseContinue reading “Pen Names, Alter Egos, and Other Pretend Identities”

Savvy Stories Blog – an introduction

Every kid does funny stuff, whether it’s asking innocent questions out loud to strangers (“Is that his butt?”) or a toddler attempting to play hopscotch on the paver stones of the mall sidewalk while you’re trying to rush to a store, a baby wanting to see how many toys will float in the dog’s waterContinue reading “Savvy Stories Blog – an introduction”