Worst movie ever

I’m watching the worst movie ever. Jodie Foster, Dennis Hopper, Dean Stockwell, Vincent price, John Turturro, Fred Ward, Joe Pesci….

It’s practically unwatchable and it’s almost a farce.

I can’t believe with so much talent it’s a dud.

Which made me think… I haven’t told you the name of it. And if I hadn’t told you all the stars that were in it, I wonder what movie you would’ve thought I was watching?


What do YOU think the worst movie ever was?

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23 thoughts on “Worst movie ever

  1. So which is it? Backtrack or Catch Fire?? I think they tried both titles….
    The worst movie I ever saw was The Libertine with Johnny Depp. It was one of the few times I ever got up and left a theater….

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    1. Hey! I saw Rubber, it actually had some nice details in it, like when the car tire is becoming self-aware and looking at self in the mirror. It isn’t easy to tell a story with something without a human face. But yeah… it was really weird to.

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  2. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. I don’t know if it ever made it to theaters- I just saw it by watching MST3K (an older show that makes fun of bad movies). Even as a farce it was too dull to be enjoyable. UNLIKE Gymkata- Gymnastics meets espionage. Ridiculous, terrible, but fun 🙂

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      1. Exactly! Being able to shout “gymkata!” with the hubby whenever any film star does something gymnasticy (and while anyone else around wonders what’s wrong with us…) makes that one worthwhile. The other…sigh. There’s nothing.

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