Worst movie ever

I’m watching the worst movie ever. Jodie Foster, Dennis Hopper, Dean Stockwell, Vincent price, John Turturro, Fred Ward, Joe Pesci….

It’s practically unwatchable and it’s almost a farce.

I can’t believe with so much talent it’s a dud.

Which made me think… I haven’t told you the name of it. And if I hadn’t told you all the stars that were in it, I wonder what movie you would’ve thought I was watching?


What do YOU think the worst movie ever was?

23 thoughts on “Worst movie ever

  1. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. I don’t know if it ever made it to theaters- I just saw it by watching MST3K (an older show that makes fun of bad movies). Even as a farce it was too dull to be enjoyable. UNLIKE Gymkata- Gymnastics meets espionage. Ridiculous, terrible, but fun 🙂

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