My Books

Jett Thacker mystery series

Tiffany Lynn Is Missing

Killer In the Dark, preorder

Double Blind series

Double Blind

Primary Target

Third Degree

The Gamma Sequence series

The Gamma Sequence

Rogue Elements

Terminal Sequence

The Keepers

Dark Hour, preorder

Stand Alone Novels

A Place Of Shadows, a paranormal thriller

The Navigators, a time travel thriller

The Italian Assistant, a very funny, very sexy, romance

Horror Anthologies by Dan Alatorre

Dark Passages

Dark Voodoo

Dark Intent

Dark Thoughts

Dark Passages BOX SET

Horror Anthologies with other authors


Wings & Fire



Dark Visions

The Box Under The Bed

Writing Guides

A is for Action

B is for Backstory

C is for Character

D is for Dialogue

E is for Emotion

F is for Fast Pace

Family Humor

Savvy Stories


The Long Cutie

There’s No Such Thing As A Quick Trip To BuyMart

Night Of The Colonoscopy: A Horror Story (sort of)

Santa Maybe

A Day For Hope

Children’s books

The Zombunny

Zombunny 2: Night Of The Scary Creatures

Zombunny 3: Quest For Battle Space

Stinky Toe!

Laguna The Lonely Mermaid

The Adventures of Pinchy Crab and Ramon D’Escargot

The Princess and the Dolphin

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