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25 eBook Tips COVER authorSSS
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Our marketing book is filled with tips for authors and it’s explained in such a way that you can follow and do what’s necessary to help your author self become all you can be. Get thousands of Twitter followers. Build your base. Launch your book to a ready, waiting audience. We’ve talked about this stuff on the blog; see how it all happens.

and Secret Stuff? Could be…

I’m just sayin.’

Wait, there are lots of free books out there. Not like this, trust me. If there were, I’d just tell you to go get/buy that one. This is different.

On my blog we’ve gone from almost no followers to closing in on three thousand.

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Much of that early, difference-making growth was in nine months of 2015, and all of that is discussed in the marketing series. (Dan, how’d you do that???)

We’ve gone from NO LIKES to HUNDREDS EACH WEEK. (Yeah. How’d you do that?)

We’ve gone from VERY FEW COMMENTS – like none, to DOZENS and DOZENS almost every day. (YEAH! How the hell did you do that?)

  • over 12,000 follow me on Twitter
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  • a fan base that you’ve always wanted

How DID we do all that?

I’ll tell you.

Subscribe to my free newsletter and I’ll give you the first book in our marketing series that explains just how we did it and how you can, too.

Everything we’ve done, YOU can do.

Guys, it’s so easy.

I mean, it’s hard work but it’s easy once you know what to do, instead of wondering and doing the wrong stuff. Cos you are doing wrong stuff.

Let us, your friends, who happen to be a couple of bestselling authors, show you how.

Gang, this book is huge. And the stuff in it works. Allison and I put together our best insights from the past three years of blogging PLUS what we’ve learned as new authors PLUS our book marketing experience, and compiled it all for you in a marketing series.

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I am very proud of the newsletter and the marketing series we’ve done. Plus, we are compiling a book series called “Write Better Books” filled with the tips you need to take your story from common to extraordinary. Subscribers will get first shot at that, too.

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But first and foremost, you’ll be getting a gift from us to you for being such great people.

The newsletter will be different from the blog in many ways. It will have author insights and behind the scenes stuff I can’t share on the blog. It’ll have tips from established authors who don’t want to say stuff publicly on a blog. It’ll have works in progress of mine and others that you can read and learn from as we create, outline, write, and edit our works. And a lot more.

How does the author do what he or she does? Learn it here.

Yes, you can share this with your other author friends, or if you have friends who are fans of our books – they might enjoy some new stories or behind the scenes stuff that the newsletter will have. It’s not going to be just another blog post. It will have insights you need and tips you want.

It’s a limited time thing, though, so don’t screw around.


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