Food For Thought (a.k.a. A Writely Kick in The Rear)


Man, living with the constant thought of, “I should have…”

Regret is the worst. Regret from inaction is a self inflicted mortal wound to the soul.


Published by Dan Alatorre AUTHOR

USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

6 thoughts on “Food For Thought (a.k.a. A Writely Kick in The Rear)

  1. There are times when it’s better to regret what you didn’t do than what you did. smiles. Think PMS and a heinous snotty woman commenting on your food choices. I regret not stabbing her in the eye but less than I would have regretted doing it. LOL.
    But in general, I fully agree, it’s perseverance for the win, every time.

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