What cool compliments have you gotten about your writing?

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One of the neatest things anybody’s ever said about my writing

was from a critique partner.

I belonged to an online critique group, and normal submissions are around 3000 words, but I had put together a chapter that I felt needed to be longer. It was close to 5500 words, so when she told me she was about to read it, I apologized in advance for its length.

She said don’t worry about it.

“Reading 5500 words from you is like reading 3000 word from anyone else.”

Or something like that. 

Meaning my stuff was much easier to read (and way more fun).

I try to make my books that way because I can’t stand the thought of letting down that reader! 

I love it when people say my books are fast paced and have characters they wish were real, or when they say the conversations are so witty, or a certain character is so funny, or am I going to bring some special character back in a sequel…

But the one from that critique partner is a mini pep talk.

I may have even done a screenshot of it to save it for a rainy day where I’m not feeling great about my work. (A practice I highly recommend, by the way.)

What about YOU?

What cool complements have you received on your writing, published or otherwise?

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35 thoughts on “What cool compliments have you gotten about your writing?

  1. I liked this from a recent review: “as fine & enjoyable a book as I’ve read all year.” Coming at the end of the year that has to rank as one of the most gratifying. (In case you’re wondering it was for “Summer Day”, which now has 7 x 5* ratings – it’s a slow burner!)

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  2. I think the best compliment I ever got was from the middle-schooler who ran up to me in the cafeteria, waving one of my books and pointing at my picture on the back cover. He kept shouting, “This is YOU! This is the best book EVER! YOU wrote this! Did you know you wrote this? Write more!” And then he ran away before I could say a word.

    I may not be able to post that review on my Amazon page, but I think I floated on air for a week or two after that one!

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  3. A couple of people who have read Ruby Slips and Poker Chips have told me that they didn’t want it to end. I also started reading my next manuscript, The Weaver, to a fifteen year old and I went to close it out after the first chapter and she asked me to keep reading (pretty cool since she’s my intended audience). I also get a lot of amazing comments from Dan which I treasure.

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    1. As well you should.

      To be honest, I was having such a good time reading Ruby Slips, I didn’t really want it to end, either.

      That was driven by the main character and her inner monologues and flippant remarks, etc. So should you choose to introduce another character in another story like her, I think it would be very well received.

      (That’s not necessarily in your current series, but I think people would like to see the character again, even if it’s with a different name.)

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  4. Two incidents come to mind… I leave copies of my poetry books in the waiting room of my Doctor. Walked in, one day, to find an older gentleman, reading one of my haiku books. He did NOT know me. I asked him if that was a good book and he said: “It’s poetry, not really my style. But because these are short and they make sense, I really like it.” Also, my dad’s comment after reading one of my books, “Keep writing.” My freakin’ Dad! He’s a tough nut to crack.

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  5. One was “up there with Josephine Tey’s Daughter of Time” – you probably haven’t heard of this book but, for a Richard III enthusiast, it is the Holy Grail of Ricardian fiction and has converted many readers to becoming Ricardians.

    My favourite reviews are the ones that say the book in question made them laugh out loud/cry. That’s wht we want, to move people and affect their emotions.

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  6. All out applause when I shared my first commercial publication experience (Dan’s 2017 “The Box Under the Bed” anthology) at an extended family gathering!!! But I like Annette’s doctor’s waiting room situation for praise, as well ! And “Dad”. My Dad, although loving as the dickens, was also a ‘tough nut to crack’!

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  7. My fantasy novel ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’ has an Amazon 4 star review with the heading ‘Epic Fantasy With Heart and Soul’….
    Definitely a ‘Like, Wow’ moment there.

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  8. I copied a Goodreads review from one of my launch team members. It made me cry happy tears. When I asked her if she’d like to remain a member of my launch team, I hadn’t even put my phone down from hitting send on the email, when she replied in all caps “yes please”. No better feeling! I also have it screenshotted to look at when I feel like this launch is futile haha! Here it is:

    “Beautifully descriptive and so imaginative. This author’s imagination knows no bounds and it’s like she has included as many aspects of a book that she can think of. So much adventure packed into one book you will never get bored of this read that’s for certain. Really well written and deserving of 5 stars.”

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  9. A lovely lady contacted me about my first book, First Lady Of The Keys. She said that she and her sister read it over a couple of days whilst they were visiting their mother in a hospice as she was dying of cancer. She told me that in those dark days my book made them laugh, smile and took them away from the bleakness of their situation for a little while. I practically burst into tears on the spot, reading that. I don’t think I could receive a better compliment than that, ever.

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  10. I just love to hear from people. The best is when someone says that they can relate to the feeling or experience I have written about. It is then that I have made a personal connection with someone. The same is true when I comment on someone else’s work. I just want to say, “I get you!”

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