Should we have ANOTHER Word Weaver Writing Contest THIS YEAR? Like Maybe In NOVEMBER??? READ THIS!

71HEiaG7AaL._UX250_.jpgThere’s been talk about another Word Weaver writing contest, maybe in November.

Maybe with a broad theme like  “relationships.”

I’m not saying we will do one,

but if we did

This one might be different.

This one might be offering publication for the winner and possibly the 3 top place winners.

I expect we will publish another anthology in 2018, combining bestselling authors and established writers with first timers again. The first place winner of this contest would be guaranteed a spot in that.



The big enchilada.

Word Weaver logi FINAL trimmed 2

If the winning story is part of a book, then I will personally steer the book towards publication. A PUBLICATION PACKAGE: critique process, content edit, book cover, get beta readers, the whole nine yards. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PUBLISH YOUR BOOK, DIRECTLY FROM ME AND WITH MY HANDS-ON GUIDANCE. I’ll have to iron out some details, but I really think we should start aiming for publication to be the goal of these contests. But I’m open to suggestions, too.

You’d have the whole month of November to create your masterpiece, OR EVEN BETTER – USE AN EXISTING STORY.

Of course, the first 20 entries will receive my custom critique of their story – as usual.

And lately you’ve been reading how helpful THAT is.

Winners of prior contests have gone on to publish their books after being in my Word Weaver Writing Contest. Many participants who wrote stories were later INVITED to be in the anthology we published October 1st.



Getting the information, the encouragement, the support, and the hands-on guidance you need to GET PUBLISHED.

Almost everyone who was in the last anthology has expressed an interest in doing it again. That puts you in there with bestselling authors and other published authors. That’s kind of a big deal.



What should the entry fee be?

  • $10?

  • $20?

  • Buy one of my books?

  • Something else?


What do other contests charge?

Does anyone else offer publication as prize? Or hands-on guidance?

Should we have a limit to how many people can enter?


I’m thinking the prizes for the contest this time will be primarily from me. Whether its publication as first prize, or awarding a six month membership in my private critique group for a different prize, a custom book cover from our David Duanes Designs (they created the my covers for The Box Under The Bed, An Angel On Her Shoulder, Night Of The Colonoscopy, The Grandfather Tree, All American Favorites, and Poggibonsi, as well covers for other authors) or getting you published, I’m not probably going to go for outside vendors for the top prizes – but I will allow some of my author friends to offer their books or other things like gift cards as sponsored door prizes.



With all that said…


Would this be more in line with the type of writing contest you’re looking for?

Or less in line?

Give me your thoughts below.

Published by Dan Alatorre AUTHOR

USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

8 thoughts on “Should we have ANOTHER Word Weaver Writing Contest THIS YEAR? Like Maybe In NOVEMBER??? READ THIS!

  1. It sounds great to me, Dan. As the winner of the last contest, your help as been invaluable. The reason my books have not been published is I haven’t know where to start. I went through the whole “find an agent” and querying steps for my other book, but was tired of rejection. Now I have an author’s Facebook page, a blog, and a Twitter account that never existed in the world before. You walked me step-by-step through the process. We are nearing the end of the beta reader phase, so I think things are going to move pretty quickly now. Although I know the Moyhill package is going to be extremely helpful, you gave me an amazing critique of my book. I can’t imagine a better prize for a writer than seeing their book published. I’m ready for my first book, The Weaver, to be published!

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  2. I say go for it! I’d enter again. Your entry fees are more than reasonable. I’d be willing do give out ebooks as prizes, too. (Trapped might be ready by the time you give the awards, but we can always discuss that)

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