Time for BRAG OF THE WEEK. What have you accomplished this week?

Writing or otherwise, let’s get to know each other better.


Pat yourself on the back in the comments section below.



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9 thoughts on “Time for BRAG OF THE WEEK. What have you accomplished this week?

  1. Published onto Kindle my Fantasy Novel ‘ Of Patchwork Warriors’, with my own cover (quirky but relevant) too, and already sold one copy (big plus) by taking publishing and publicising more seriously. Big improvement on years of doing every wrong that could be done wrong.
    Thanks Dan for a stern reply some while back on taking the issue of covers seriously and for all the advice which comes from your blog.

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      1. I kept it in mind. The cover is quirky, but I hope engaging, being a work of Fantasy.
        (PS, I took the liberty of mentioning your first name in my list of ‘thank you’s- I really took the cover advice and the marketing to heart, probably not in the classic way, but I’m getting there)

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  2. I survived the proof copy of my new book (geesh, it looked so good in the PDF and on line reviewer… what happened?) I have gathered my muster and have been moving forward on the NEW COVER and interior files. As they are all pictures, it has been quite the hair twirling, eat something crunchy to give my teeth something to do other than grind, and find the silver lining moment! So, I am bragging too, that no family members (human or four-legged) were hurt in the process! 🙂

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