Marketing 101 – notes from the scary anthology, part 1: “28 Sales”

danI said I’d share a few marketing secrets with you as we created and released and sold and marketed – continue to market – our scary anthology. This is the first one. 

We had 79 preorders and sold 28 books by dinnertime on release day, but when I posted this, we’d only racked up 15 book sales (around 12 noon).

For those of you who have not published before, these are good numbers. That’s more preorders than I have had for any of my other books, and with 20 of us networking and hyping this anthology, I knew we’d see some get sold books that day.

Remember: people you don’t know, that I don’t know, that NONE of us know, are plunking down good money to buy a story you wrote.

First timers might think they are buying because of other names in the book, and that’s partially true, but anthologies ALSO sell because it’s a fun way for readers to sample other new writers.

FIRST TIMERS are a big part of that!


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Here’s what I posted the next day, when we’d shown 28 sales on Day 1:

Why do I get excited about 28 sales?

I’ll tell you.

It’s 28 sales in one day – probably gonna be a lot more than that by the time the end of the day gets here – but

do that every day for 30 days, and you sold almost 1000 books!

At 1000 books, all of a sudden I got your attention, didn’t I?

Let me be the first to remind you,

there are thousands of people every year who post their book and don’t sell a single copy.

Nothing. Zip. Nada.

You are not one of them.

But you don’t get to the mountain top by jumping up there. You go one step at a time.

Today you sold 28 books and maybe more.

Tomorrow you have to push hard and do it again.

I don’t know where those 28 sales are gonna come from tomorrow. Neither do you. We’re gonna try a lot of different things. Some work and some will not. Some will be bigger than others. Sometimes you’re not gonna be the one getting them, but somebody else is.

But every day you have to do your best to get some.

Stay excited. Stay after it. Keep pounding.

This is the part that does everybody else in.

Don’t let it do you in. Marketing is hard but you are smart.

Make your marketing work for you. Excitement sales. Let the world know how excited you are.

Get your 28.

Get your thousand.

And when each of those thousand people finishes their books and tells a friend, next month you sell 2000 books.

The month after that, maybe 3000.

And all of a sudden you’re starting to think this writing thing is pretty special

Well, it is.

And so are you.

Congratulations on taking that first step up the mountain.

See you at the peak.

The next day, we saw this:


We were #1 in our category.



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