Happy Halloween! Do YOU dress up, or just the kids?

Halloween is tonight, and we will be hauling an adorable 6-year-old witch over to a friend’s neighborhood to go Trick or Treating. My wife will be dressed up as a witch also, this year.

Me, I don’t dress up.

I’m not sure when that ended. High school?

I think this is as close as I came to dressing in a costume after college. Don’t ask why I’m in a hotel room or whose suitcase that is.

I dressed up in college a few times – there’s a pic of me as a white-faced vampire somewhere – but that was for parties. I don’t think I’ve dressed up for Halloween since then.

I dressed for this pajama party – also college – but you can tell I’m not happy about it


Some people – adults, I mean – dress up for Halloween. One friend has the whole family dressing up as Star Wars characters from the latest nonsucky Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens And Please Forget Jar Jar Binks – or whatever it was called.

No chance, George Lucas. Fool me once…

THEM: Let’s go to a Halloween party and dress up!    ME: Let’s go to the beach instead.

Anyway, the oldest child is going as Finn and the youngest is going as a very cute roly-poly robot guy named BB8 (not BBQ, I was admonished). Rey and Kylo Ren are also going to be represented by the parents. (Notice I didn’t say which character was my author friend, so as not to side one way or the other in this.) You are also thinking, “Gee Dan, you seem to know all the characters while espousing that you not having seen the movie.” Don’t be fooled. My friend told me what they were going as, I promptly forgot, and had to Google the movie characters for this post.

I can’t decide if it’s dorky or cool to dress up when you’re an adult.

Okay, it’s dorky – to folks who don’t dress up. Nerdy at best, but it depends on what your area does. If there’s a whole-family party, where everybody dresses up, then sure I’d dress up as some sexy as hell (I hope) vampire or something. Because vampires, Twilight aside, rock. Always have. They’re classic, all the way back to Bela Lugosi. Plus I look good in a cape.


But that’s me theorizing what I might do IF.

Right now, I’m a non-costumer. I’ll stroll alongside my kid with a flashlight, bug spray, and a camera, taking videos of the her going up to houses and getting candy, and preparing to carry her when she gets tired (which didn’t happen last year! A first!).

Yeah, that’s me in college. That’s also the last time I dressed up for a Halloween party, I think. But I am ROCKING that cape.

What about you? do you dress up for Halloween? And what do you go as?

Let me hear from you!


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34 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! Do YOU dress up, or just the kids?

  1. Normally I do not. The hubs and I did a few couples costumes in our early days for parties. But now we just dress up the kiddo. The hubs takes him trick or treating with his friends, while the moms stay at our place drinking and playing cards. It’s a good deal. smiles.
    But this year the neighbors wanted to do a haunted woods, so we went in on that, and I have to dress up. Zombie. Bah. At least it’s easy.

  2. Dressing up is a blast! I’m bummed I only get to do it once a year! But then, I don’t have kids, so I only have to come up with a costume for myself. I try to go to at least one costume party around Halloween — and yes, ALL the adults dress up and have a great time with it. Plus I dress up to sit with a friend or two and pass out candy on Halloween itself. I see a lot of the parents of the trick-or-treating kids also dressing up, and they always seem to be having a ton more fun than the parents who don’t.

    This year I’m a pirate. At the party on Saturday I kept drawing my plastic sword and saying, “Prepare to be boarded!” and “Avast ye hearties!” all evening. It was great. Woo hoo!

    1. Pirates rock, no party necessary. (BTW, I updated the post with some pics of me getting Halloweeny in the past, for your enjoyment.) Be sure to post pics of you in this year’s costume.

  3. I quite like dressing up, usually as a pirate but I do air hostess as well. I dress a little oddly at the best of times, so people don’t tend to notice! But I don’t like having a face full of make-up or being covered in fake blood, no. Dressing up should be glamorous/slutty.

    1. Lots of ladies suggesting pirates. Must have something to do with bootie. (BTW, I updated the post with some pics of me getting Halloweeny in the past, for your enjoyment.)

      You guys should be at it pretty soon over there! I’ll be keen to see the glamorous/slutty combo in action!

      1. I shall have to go and check them out! Halloween is not such a big deal over here, although it is becoming more popular. I very much doubt there will be many parties tonight, as it’s Monday, but there were certainly a few over the weekend! Hope you have a super time and get loads of treats!

    1. So, you don’t dress up except for those crazy bookstore parties? (BTW, I updated the post with some pics of me getting Halloweeny in the past, for your enjoyment.) I think there’s a lingering dress up urge going on here…

  4. My hubbie leans towards terrifying masks, but I like to just paint up my face in as gory a manner as is possible. I no longer spend money on my costume but instead piece stuff together with things we have. I just like doing the makeup to be honest. Lol
    – my circle pic is last year’s creation.

  5. Wow, Daniel, your dressing up pictures are AMAZING! It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I have to say that the backstory to the hotel room one is potentially intriguing. Sort of looks like a high-end porn film is about to be made or something. And the suit! That suit sure is something.

    1. I don’t think the story is as interesting as you’re hoping.

      I would say something like, I will tell you all about it sometime – except it’s not much of a story. I met a girl on the beach at a business function and we decided to go out for drinks. She had to change and she had a sombrero in her room from her company’s event the prior night.

      The rest of the story? I don’t know if it fits the description of high-end porn or not. You’ll have to use your imagination. Maybe. I’m not sure I ever watched any high-end porn (just the usual low end stuff).

      1. Well, it’s quite a good story but I admit it was probably a bit saucier in my imagination. The high-end porn tends to have much better sound quality, although the overall effect is rather wasted on the audience, I feel. Anyway. The hat really suits you.

  6. By the time my plane lands in NJ, I’ll still be a vampire. << An annoyed hung over vampire who should have stayed in New Orleans a few more days 🙂

  7. Dressing up as an adult is definitely not dorky, it’s awesome, and I’d probably be the woman dressed as Leah in the Jedi family. Happy Halloween!!
    We don’t have Halloween here so I totally forgot it was today. Yay -_-

  8. I actually enjoy the idea of dressing up, but I don’t do it because I never seem to have the time. When my kids were small, I was so busy ensuring they had two sets of costumes (one for the school party and one that fit over winter coats), the pumpkin was carved, the seeds were roasted, the candy was bought, dinner would be fast, etc., that I never got around to myself. Another problem with costumes is tracking things down. I’m not a shopper if I can at all avoid it, and my artistic abilities focus more on words than crafts. Attempts at costumes seemed to end somewhere in high school.

    The years I did dress up were the ones where I either worked with young children and had to, or when I had something convenient around — a taekwondo uniform with legitimate brown belt, scrubs with watch and stethoscope and disposable cap, white lab coat with latex gloves and safety glasses, PJs and robe that could be worn in public because it had been purchased for a bygone school pyjama day …

    My daughter and her hubby dress up when they go out with the kids, though!

    1. My own kids used to talk about costumes for months in advance as well. This year, I don’t know what the issue was, but most of my students still didn’t know what they were going out as only days before Halloween.

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