Should You Write During The Holidays?

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Hey, it’s November!

That means a ton of stresssssss is headed your way before you finish eating your Trick or Treat candy. Yeah, I know; you only hide it in the pantry so the kids don’t eat it all at once and get a tummy ache. I get it.

“THE HOLIDAYS” are around the corner. (Unless you consider Halloween a holiday, and then they’re already here. And that’s worth discussing.) Thanksgiving, followed by Black Friday, then Christmas and New Year‘s… relatives coming over and office parties and presents to buy and trees to decorate. (You may argue that Black Friday is not a holiday. Think about it for a while before you attempt to make your case to a US of American.)

And during that potentially hectic period, you’ll take some time off and think you can get some WRITING done.

Is that a good idea?

Let’s see what the fine folks at Writers Off Task With Friends have to say about it.

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5 thoughts on “Should You Write During The Holidays?

  1. Being Jewish, I get to dodge the Christmas stress. Though the onslaught of music and visuals starting this week can drive me into solitude. I think writing depends on the upcoming activity. If you’re hosting for Thanksgiving then you have a lot of stress and shouldn’t try. If you’re going out then maybe get a little done in the morning. To be honest, I’m out no matter what because I can’t write with the 7-year-old running around.

    Don’t forget Election Day and Veterans Day too. That’s more a parent thing since schools are closed.

  2. Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday of the year so I don’t participate in NaNo by any stretch of the imagination and my average word count will take a hint, but I will still try to sneak in bits here and there if only not to pull a muscle when I return to longer sprints in January.

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