Colleen Landry – The Funniest Blog I Read. Probably.

If you aren’t reading Colleen Landry’s blog, ask yourself why not. Actually, don’t ask yourself, because that’s silly. You’ll start arguing with yourself and that can’t end well. Just click over and read Colleen’s blog about getting hit by a car. Yeah, she makes getting hit by a car funny.

Unfortunately, I Can’t Cook for a Month Because I Got Hit by a Car

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Yesterday I came ‘this close’ to being the victim of vehicular manslaughter and NO IT WASN’T because I darted in front of an 18-wheeler without looking like the last time so you can stop rolling your eyes!! Frig. I’m lucky to be alive, even though it feels like you don’t take me seriously at times. Look, if you feel horrible (as you should) about doubting me, you can contribute to my convalescence. To do so, simply click on the fake legitimate link at the end of this story and donate to Go Fund Me. I’ve been to hell and back and your support makes the struggle worthwhile. Blessings to you and your family for giving your last fifty generously.

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Colleen Landry

Here’s my gory recount of what happened yesterday. Reader discretion is advised! Here goes…I noticed after a large breakfast of bacon and eggs (and waffles) that my muffin top was spilling over my shorts the rain had dissipated after a dreary weekend and I figured it was a good time for a vigorous(ish) bike ride. I donned my skin-tight sweats biking outfit and set out to beat my personal best of 10 km in 60 minutes. (Bite me). I had just emerged from the totally flat gruelling 5 km wooded trail and stopped briefly to vomit catch my breath before venturing onto the city streets to finish the remaining 5 km. I was totally killin’ myself it.

Click HERE to read the rest.

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Oh, and if you’re wondering how I found her blog, it wasn’t a misread of the title. I never misconstrued the hyphen for a comm and thought I was going to see an adult site with “one hot, flashing momma.” Honest.

She and her friends recently published a great kids book, Follow The Goose Butt, Camelia Airheart. Check that out HERE.

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