Making Your Book Into Paperback

It’s always fun to see your eBook become a paperback. Here we review the manuscript using the digital proofer.

The Navigators is available as an eBook now (buy it HERE), and as a paperback SOON!


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5 thoughts on “Making Your Book Into Paperback

  1. Hi Dan. Congratulations again on your new book. Yes, the thought of the e-book becoming paper back is indeed still a dream for me. My debut story Alice Had a Palace is a thousand page book. I have yet to make it into a paperback, but I can see that is where I need to go with my story, to make it a success, and get it into the hands of those, that love the feel of the written word, in their hands. Some genre’s of e-books do really well, ie. horror, guides, etc., but nothing beats an actual book. Can you suggest who I might contact to make my e-book into paperback? Thank you. Still navigating the waters of the writer. Have an awesome writer kind of day.

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    1. Sure. I recommend lots of people. If you want to send me a private email or a private message, use the contact me button and I’ll be happy to give you some tips. You can do it yourself – which I have done and which is a lot of work your first time, but for a story that big you are probably going to find your book costs upwards of $20 per paperback. That puts it in the problem area of mine which is nobody wants to spend that on a paperback. So you’ll have to go with a bigger paper size, smaller font and smaller margins – paper and profit wise. However, I can help you with that and so can several of our friends here. We’ve all been through it!


    2. Create space is where you can do it yourself, and Jason Matthews course will walk you through the basics of create space.

      But formatting is the big deal. You will find lots of little glitches in your manuscript and you will have to scrub it clean, and then to make it look pretty you’re going to have to spend a few hours or days doing that! It’s not easy but it gets easier every time.


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