Be A Beta Reader – The Navigators wants YOU

Time to roll this one out!


My latest novel The Navigators is ready for beta readers.

(Read a sample chapter HERE)

What’s a beta reader?

Well, it’s kind of a big deal. You get to read the whole book before everybody else and then tell me what you think. Also, you get to be one of the first people to post am honest review on Amazon.

I did a few posts on being a beta, so you can read more if you click HERE to learn more, but basically you’ll…

  1. Read the finished story.
  2. Give the author (me) feedback by email
  3. Post a review on Amazon when the book releases.

That’s about it.

You can be as detailed as you want – or as succinct.

How many beta readers do I want?

Twenty. Maybe I’ll let a few more in if they’re friends. Use the Contact Me button right now to request an ARC (Advance Review copy). It’ll make you kind of a big deal.

What do I have to do?

You’ll have 2-4 weeks to read the book and let me know your thoughts by email. You can do that.

What’s the story about?

We’re going to work on the blurb this month while the betas are reading, but here’s a short description.

A freak landslide uncovers a strange machine at a dangerous central Florida mine after a team of graduate students in archaeology challenge themselves to find something big during the quiet summer session. Wary of corrupt school officials suspected of selling off their discoveries, the students take the machine home and study it in secret, reaching only one realistic – and unbelievable – conclusion: It was designed to bridge the time-space continuum. It’s a time machine.

Covert testing delivers disastrous results, each worse than the prior one, sending one team member to the hospital and nearly killing another, while a third tells university faculty about the machine – leading to the ultimate power struggle. The university wants it for funding, powerful Florida Electric wants to keep the machine’s regenerating energy abilities under wraps, and competing students want to keep it for themselves. None of them care if the team comes out of it intact.

Fleeing for their lives, the team must fight against the school, the police, the army, time, and each other if they want to learn the truth about what they’ve discovered – a truth with more severe consequences than any of them can predict.

And you can read a sample chapter HERE.

Can I interview Dan on my blog about this book and his other works?

Yes. Yes you can. Bless you. Contact me HERE and let’s set it up! We can talk about the book, writing, and anything else.

What’s next?

Glad you asked.

Poggi cover RED border
Current beta readers get first dibs on this baby, too!

I’m going to finish editing Poggibonsi, my hilarious romantic comedy, then it’ll go out to betas. While they read, we’ll finish The Water Castle, my fantasy romanceand have it ready for you before Christmas, maybe along with one more book this year.

Oh, and the video show, Writers Off Task With Friends, is rolling along, if you wanna be on that. (You really should. It’s way fun.)

and the Super Blog is about to gear up. Yep, I didn’t forget.

and the Writing Contest is getting ready to start in June.

Yep, lots going on. Don’t miss you. You’ve loved the blog and wanted to play a bigger role; here’s your chance

See, by reading and reviewing my books, you help launch them to the world. That’s huge. It doesn’t get bigger. And in return, we’ll help launch your book when you’re ready. You can do guest post, do an interview, appear on the video show, request to join the Super Blog, participate in our writing contest, and a lot more. Join our mailing list and stay on top of all of it!

THANK YOU for supporting me! You guys are the best!

Now send me your request to be my beta!!




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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

19 thoughts on “Be A Beta Reader – The Navigators wants YOU

  1. Whew – so much going on here.
    Sounds like an intriguing concept for the Navigators (title perks interest, too – good choice) I’d love to beta read, but too much going on here right now. And wouldn’t want to be handed someone’s baby and risk dropping it due to time crunch, so maybe next time around.
    Will keep tabs on what’s going on here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Submitted my info as well. Would enjoy beta reading for you. I have a long reading/reviewing queue, but I always push betas and ARCs to the top of my list. Would love to also interview you!

    Liked by 1 person

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