Been interviewed? Post the link!

have you been interviewed

Have you been interviewed? Post the link! Consider it a chance to show off without showing off – I asked, after all.

Meanwhile, if you’ve never been interviewed, read the replies and you’ll see a lot of places to go ask for an interview, and a lot of questions and answers that will help you do a good interview!

If you’ve already done an interview, you can see a few places to go and a few answers to give.

It’s a win-win-win (cos I get a helpful blog post, too.) 

Post links to YOUR interviews, one link per reply, no limit on replies. If you’ve done ten interviews, feel free to post ten links!

And reblog this and share it on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else so we get a bunch more places to go for some author-ey publicity!


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80 thoughts on “Been interviewed? Post the link!

        1. Okay, here’s what you do. In the upper right corner of my page is a Search button. Type “interview” and the one that say “Do You Want Me To Interview You?” or something will come up (along with some others.) There are about 50 sample questions there; pick ten or twenty and answer them, then send the to me using the Contact Me button. (OR you can contact me first so we have each other’s emails.) Then I’ll reply, ask a few follow up questions, interact, etc. We’ll add a few picture of you doing your hobbies or writing or whatever, maybe one of your blog’d main page, and then we’ll schedule it. Simple, huh?

          When going through the questions, don’t try to answer all fifty. Find some that are fun and have fun with your answers!

    1. Well, that’s the thing. Think like a fan; sometimes they wanna read about your upcoming book, but just as often they wanna know you enjoy fishing or struggle with weight loss, whatever. Sharing those insights makes for a more interesting interview, and interviews that are completely different open readers to different sides of you. People magazine is just as often about who’s dating who as it is what movie somebody’s in.

  1. Great idea Dan! I’ve been blessed to have quite a few interviews. Since it’s one interview per reply, why not start by sharing the one I was honored to do here with you?

    I’m doing a new one Sunday with the Great Sally Cronin, so I’ll be back to link that one too, of course in another reply, I wouldn’t want to break your rules! LOL 🙂 Thank you.

    1. And I was intereviewed here at Christoph Fischer’s Welsh Wednesday:

      These are most recent spots…but there are some older interviews on my blog under the Interview heading…

      I’m really enjoying interviewing authors myself, my last blog post was an author interview! If I love a book and can help promote the author, I will xxx

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