Did you want ME to interview YOU? Let’s get started!

your humble host

If you want to do an author interview or author profile where I ask you questions and you answer them, it’s EASY!

New authors need help getting their work seen. Luckily, I can help with that.

(Authors interviews will be with people who have books for sale, but profiles can be of anyone, published or not, and other than that they’re about the same. So bloggers and newbie authors, you aren’t being left behind.)

FIRST: pick 10-20 questions from the list below that you like and want you to answer, plus one or two bonus questions, along with a few of your own that you want readers to know but I didn’t ask. Skim over the list, we’ll be adding to it all the time.

 SECOND: Send the questions with your witty, interesting answers to me at my email address or by using the CONTACT ME button

 THIRD: I’ll go over them and ask my follow ups, or we can use it as is! I like getting on Facebook chat and being silly, so we may do some of that.

INCLUDE: your website, blog links, Amazon link, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter handle, etc, a picture or two of you, one of the book, or anything else you think is relevant. Not your cat. No cats. You in a hammock, fine. You with the cat, NOT FINE! What part of “no cats” don’t you get??? Bikini pics optional, especially if you’re a big hairy dude. I’m not saying no, but use restraint. If you’re a paddleboarder and you wanna show that side of you, which we’ve done, it’s relevant. Throw it in. Too many pics = use separate emails to send them. Or direct me to your Facebook site and we’ll pick a few together. I won’t sandbag you with embarrassing personal pics. Probably.

What’s important:  

Maybe not that relaxed.
Maybe not that relaxed.

Be yourself in your answers; be relaxed, be funny or be serious, but have fun with it. It’s for entertainment purposes. Let readers inside the real you a little. Search “interview” on my blog for some of the silly examples of fun interviews we’ve already done.


What to do when it posts:  On the release day of the interview, post and re-blog and ask your friends to reblog and tweet the link and post it on Facebook – so the whole world sees you being YOU! Occasionally re-blog it, like every three months, and mention how fun it was or helpful or whatever, as your excuse to show it around again. Not everyone read it the first time.

Interviews are NOT difficult.

Readers want to know a little about you and how you do stuff, and what they might have in common with you, what your author journey has been, etc.

You can do that!

Interviews are considered/approved/rejected in my sole discretion and are mostly done on a “first come, first serve” basis and usually by an invitation from me, but that doesn’t mean I won’t interview you if I have never heard of you. Newbies need a break, and I like helping people. If you just wanna promote something, look at our advertising stuff HERE


(Don’t everyone answer the first ten, either. Scroll around.)

  1. What is the working title of your next book?
  2. Is being a writer a gift or a curse?
  3. How do you choose character names?

  4. When you need help in a story/are stuck/need to know what a man or woman would say/do in a situation, who are your go-to people?
  5. Where did the idea come from for the book?A is for Action 12 FINAL
  6. Is writing a mountain until you get a book finished, and then you see it was never a mountain at all?
  7. How do you feel about signing your books? (Does it get easier?)
  8. Does a big ego help or hurt a writer?
  9. What is your writing Kryptonite?

  10. Which is the more important of these two: write drunk, edit sober?
  11. How many unpublished or half finished manuscripts do you have?
  12. Are all writers socially inept or is that a misunderstanding?
  13. How often do you write?
  14. Do you have a set writing schedule?
  15. Do writers have a muse?
  16. What has changed about your writing style over the years?
  17. Do you project your own habits onto your characters?

  18. Do you remember the first story you read and if it had an impact on you?
  19. Which of your protagonists do you relate to the most?
  20. How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?
  21. What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?TheNavigatorsFinal
  22. Which living author or blogger would you buy drinks for?
  23. What makes you so damn interesting anyway?
  24. What parts of writing do you struggle with?

  25. What’s a piece of advice you received that has helped you a lot, in writing or whatever?
  26. What is the best part about being an indie (or traditional) author for you?
  27. What’s something most readers would never guess about you?
  28. Besides writing, what are your favorite things to do?
  29. Why do some authors sell well and others don’t? (Indie or otherwise, but indie if possible)
  30. What’s the strangest place you’ve gotten a great story idea? Describe in detail. Inquiring minds want to know!

  31. What’s the oddest or most awkward or embarrassing research you’ve had to do?
  32. How did you choose the genre you write in? Or did it choose you?
  33. What is/was the toughest criticism you got as a writer?
  34. What was your best compliment you’ve received about your writing?
  35. What’s the most amusing thing that’s ever happened to you?
  36. What do you love most about the writing process?

  37. Have you ever made a literary pilgrimage? Where to and why?
  38. If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?
  39. What was an early experience that showed language had power?
  40. Can you wash light and dark clothes together? Have you even turned a bunch of stuff pink in the washer?
  41. What “person” do you like to write in? First Person, Third Person, etc. – and why?
  42. I hear you have some very exciting news! Can you share it with us?
  43. If you have a blog, how did that start?Angel Cover 18 eyes
  44. How do you decide on a title for your book?

  45. When you read work by new authors, what do you see them doing wrong?
  46. Hemingway said write every day. Do you do that?
  47. How long did it/does it take you to write a first draft of a novel?
  48. Do you have any writing rituals, superstitions or quirks? (Think Shakespeare In Love.)
  49. Which: pen, paper, pencil, typewriter, computer?
  50. What does your typical day look like?
  51. Do you put a moral or lesson into your story?
  52. What do you do for cover art? Do you do it yourself, hire an artist (you can name names if you liked them), or purchase premade?

  53. How has you experience with editors been (you can name names if you liked you editor)?
  54. What do you think some of the greatest misconceptions about indie authors are?
  55. Plotter? Or Pantser? And prepare to defend your position!

  56. What’s the most fun part of writing a novel or short story? What’s the least fun part?The Box Under The Bed front FONT hightower w fabric 2 v TWO
  57. What was your road to publication like?
  58. What advice can you give new authors?
  59. Who or what helped you the most getting started?
  60. What’s a good writing secret or time management secret?
  61. Where in the process do you create the story’s title? Do start with it? Do you know it before you begin? Before you end? Elsewhere?
  62. What inspires you?
  63. What time of day do you prefer to do your writing?
  64. Coffee addict? Name your poison.

  65. What’s your favorite food?
  66. Have you ever been recognized by a fan in public for your writing, or when was the first time a fan came up to you in public (not an author event or signing)?
  67. What’s your favorite social media?
  68. Which project took you farthest out of your comfort zone?

  69. What’s one thing that send you completely off the rails when you’re writing?
  70. How do you develop characters?
  71. Do you have author friends (in person or online) you confide in and share ideas with? Feel free to name names.
  72. How much structure is in your story before you start writing it?

  73. How many story ideas are in your “good ideas” file? What are some of them?Poggi
  74. What is the single most important quality in a novel; what must an author do to win you over?
  75. If writing suddenly made you rich and famous, what would you do?
  76. Best book to movie you’ve seen?
  77. What are you three favorite books by other authors?
  78. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
  79. Do you hate cats?

  80. In a story we are often asked to create images for the reader that we may not have experienced ourselves. When have you had to do that?
  81. Tell us about yourself. Who IS the real (your name)? And not typical the boring bio stuff. The dirt. Like, when was the last time you did laundry?
  82. What’s a favorite quote of anyone besides you, and one from you?
  83. Most writers are a bit shy. Is that how your friends would describe you (shy), or do you have your readers fooled?
  84. Did you ever have a job where they were strict about shined shoes and stuff?
  85. Is tea a big deal over in England like they make it seem in Downton Abbey? (My wife watches, not me.)cover
  86. How playful are you? Is your REAL Facebook page much more revealing about sides of you that people won’t know from your blog posts or books? Is there a double life thing going on?

  87. (If you are a traditionally published author) Was it a big exciting thing to get signed by your publisher? How did you celebrate?
  88. (If you are an indie author) How hard was it to hit that “Publish” button the first time and send your book into the world? Looking back, what can you tell new authors about that experience?
  89. Have you ever spent time with anyone famous? Was there any ransom involved?
  90. What was the most fun interview you’ve done and why?

  91. What was the last book you read?
  92. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure in fast food or junk food?
  93. What’s a piece of advice you can give to a new author just starting out?
  94. Where do your ideas come from? (That’s asked in nearly every interview, so I put it here, but a better question might be one of the following):
  95. Where did the idea come from for your latest written piece?
  96. Do you ever include real people in your stories as characters?Zombunny eBook cover 1
  97. Who influenced you the most growing up?

  98. Who are the best writers today?
  99. What does writing success look like?
  100. James Patterson says outlining eliminates most writers block. Agree or disagree?

Remember, the more unique and personal the answers, the more interesting to readers, usually.

If you’re all into quilting, maybe keep that to yourself, but that time in college you got drunk and skydived naked into a volcano? They’ll wanna hear about that. But naked skydiving or not, readers wanna know what makes you YOU, and that’s usually pretty interesting!

If you have a question you’d like an author to answer and you don’t see it here, ADD IT  in the comments section!

60 thoughts on “Did you want ME to interview YOU? Let’s get started!

  1. Love the rules Dan. Well, I see there should be a huge list of interviews here now that the Reading Ape is helping to spread the word. I better get in fast, lol. Thanks for emailing me. I’m so in! I hope to have it to you by mid-next week as I’m off on a mini jaunt this weekend for 3 days, but I’ll have my thinking cap on. Also, I’ve read the rules – do you only want one picture of a book we’ve written or all books? Thanks! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • That should be plenty of time, Debby. We want guest blog posts, too, but the schedule is set to do at least one interview a week, so there’s plenty of time.

      Send whatever pictures you want! If it gets too busy, make sure I know which ones are the priority. We’ll figure it out.

      Thanks for all your support!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, this post is interesting. I have been thinking of questions to ask myself for my media kit.. I am writing a book about Bangkok’s European Heritage, so that’s why I was putting a kit together. So thanks. I shall send you the information about myself when I get some free time. Best Wishes 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sadly, I am not a big hairy dude or I would have sent over some bikini pictures. I suppose I will just have to keep those for myself. Other than that, though – I am totally up for answering a bunch of these questions! Expect an email soon. Ish.

    Liked by 1 person

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