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If you subscribed to our newsletter and didn’t get your free book, please click the Contact Me button above and let me know. Just about everybody got it, but one or two did not, and we want everyone to enjoy the free book.

If you did not subscribe to the newsletter… well, that explains why you didn’t get the free book. You’re missing out. But I’m not mad at you. Probably.

Meanwhile, the first newsletter went out last night, and apparently it’s pretty popular! Woo hoo! I’ve already received great feedback so far, and I wanted to say thanks! We’ll have more awesome, available-nowhere-else-as-far-as-I-know tips for you in there, too, in upcoming editions. Glad you’re enjoying it.

Didn’t subscribe yet? Well, there’s time. See that tab that says Get Our FREE Newsletter? You could click that and not be the only kid in the cafeteria eating at a table all by yourself. The cool kids are all subscribing, you know. Just sayin’.

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