How the word “Was” Affects Telling Vs. Showing: a reblog from NY Times bestselling author Kelly Abell

kelly abell
NY Times bestselling author Kelly Abell

Just in case you were wondering WHEN does the learning stop… it never does (but in a good way).

(We recently discussed writing better stories HERE)

My Facebook friend Kelly Abell, New York Times bestselling author, explains that even at that level she’s always discovering new ways to improve her writing.

So, when you think you are struggling or the Critique Partners (read about their value, HERE) are beating you up, remember: you’re still learning!

I thought this was a great post by a terrific author, explaining a few basic concepts we all need refreshers on occasionally, and the value of a second pair of eyes (more on that HERE) looking at your work. Because if you’re always learning, you’re always improving – and that’s never a bad thing!

wwkKelly’s blog has LOTS of great tips for writers of all venues. Check it out.

Author Kelly Abell

I must tell you that I am one that constantly wants to improve my craft.  I think we are always developing as writers, and when you find a friend that makes you better, you HANG on to that friend!  I have such a friend in author Frank Allan Rogers.  Frank is the author of an exceptional book entitled Upon A Crazy Horse, and he also edited my book Captured In Lies.  I respect Frank’s approach and I wanted to share something with you that he just recently sent to me.

One of my projects was a YA series entitled Mystic Lake Guardians.  The first book was The Haunting of Mystic Lake, and the series was about a group of 5 teens with some very special abilities who become embroiled in some pretty sticky paranormal conflicts and work to save each other and their town.  In the first book, I had a character named Logan…

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