Happy Endings – Or Not

Be sure to enter to win a signed copy of Savvy Stories HERE Today’s post: Is the ending of your story too predictable? Put your characters up a tree and throw rocks at them. That’s the basis for an interesting story, right? But at some point the rocks stop and the ending comes. Readers areContinue reading “Happy Endings – Or Not”

I Can’t Finish My Story! Failure To Launch, a (common) writer nightmare

Occasionally a writer reaches out and laments about a writerly problem. Here’s one I received recently that I think is fairly common. . Dear Dan, I recently realized that my writing has slowed to a standstill, not because I’m busy, but because I’m terrified to finish. Help. Scared Storyteller . Dear Storyteller, It’s not uncommonContinue reading “I Can’t Finish My Story! Failure To Launch, a (common) writer nightmare”