the merry go round in the woods – what does that phrase invoke to you?

What does that phrase invoke to you?


The colorful leaves of Fall?

A horror story, where some scary person lures kids into the forest with the promises of a fun kiddie ride, then kills them?


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5 thoughts on “the merry go round in the woods – what does that phrase invoke to you?

  1. My SiFi-ish mind sees a world before A.I. where children’s laughter reigned. I see mothers sitting on benches talking while their children worked of energy. A time before Iphones consumed our thoughts, a time before implants were used to expand the mind’s abilities.

    Sorry ’bout that. My brain is not quite right. 🙂

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    1. If somebody said merry go round at the office, I would think their office is a confusing unorganized place but they may mean it as it’s a fun place. When I think then about a merry-go-round in the woods, it should be a fun place – but that shouldn’t be in the woods. So my mind immediately goes to some kind of a trap for kids.

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