What is an example of an emotionally driven challenge in a story?

Dan Alatorre

You guys read stories. You watch movies, see plays…

What is a good example of an emotionally driven challenge in a story you liked?

Reply and let me know.

Could be a book or movie, whatever, but explain a little about the challenge and the character that undertook it, and why it stood out to you.

We all have our faves. I’m curious about an emotional challenge in a story that you thought was good.

Let’s see what ya got.

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3 thoughts on “What is an example of an emotionally driven challenge in a story?

  1. I can’t think of a book at the moment, but the first thing that did come to mind is Walter White in Breaking Bad (TV show). While he was outwardly motivated by money, it was really a massively internal emotional challenge that drove his actions throughout the entire series. Validation as a man. The desire to be loved/feared. Misguided fatherly aspirations. A total emotional driving force pushed his every action throughout the entire series.

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  2. Most recently, the Netflix series ‘Away’ is an almost completely emotional conflict driven narrative despite being a space exploration story on the surface. The real drama is deliberately pulled from scenes within Hilary Swank’s numerous “families”; her husband and daughter, her space crew and even her female gender family all drive the challenges she toils in throughout the plot. .

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