29 Better Ways To Say “Shone” than Shone

img_2351-19Synonyms courtesy of Thesaurus.com.

Because “shone” should never be used.

It’s not a real word.

Oh, it tries, and it’s in the dictionary and all – but come on.

Nobody ever uses it in real life when they’re speaking, so don’t put it in your stories.

And if YOU use it in real life while speaking, get help.

If there are 29 better ways to say a word, use a few that you see all the time. We are creating pleasure reading. Don’t make your story harder to read than is absolutely necessary.

  1. beam
  2. blink
  3. burn
  4. dazzle
  5. flash
  6. flicker
  7. glare
  8. gleam
  9. glisten
  10. glitter
  11. glow
  12. illuminate
  13. radiate
  14. shimmer
  15. sparkle
  16. twinkle
  17. bedazzle
  18. blaze
  19. deflect
  20. flare
  21. glimmer
  22. illumine
  23. incandesce
  24. irradiate
  25. luminesce
  26. mirror
  27. scintillate
  28. emit light
  29. give light

There. Go forth and sin no more.

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6 thoughts on “29 Better Ways To Say “Shone” than Shone

  1. A good list, Dan. Fortunately, all my stories to date have been set in England where the sun hardly ever shines, beams or does anything else warming. Have a great day.

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