NOT A Fan of the New Ammy Proof Version

your humble and slightly miffed host

Got this in the mail today.

Will be sending it back.

I hate to be seen as a complainer. Life is good. But when we used to get proof copies of a paperback from CreateSpace, they were the EXACT thing people would get when they bought the book. Yes, they were stamped in the back that they were proof copies; that was part of the cool factor – if you gave one to somebody, they were getting inside stuff.

Ammy bought CS. I order proofs to see if the cover looks good. I almost NEVER do that!


This book rocks, the cover looks awesome except – that banner is kinda ugly – and it ruins the effect.


Imagine the Mona Lisa with a banner. It’s her, but do you get the full concept of what the Da Vinci was going for?

Pfft. Come on.

I wanna see if the colors look good and if the spacing works. I THINK it does, and I checked the computer screen closely, but the real version is always a little different.

The thing the buyer gets, that’s what I wanted to see. Not… not that.

00 BEST V 3 - 2

Anyway, it’s awesome (except for the crappy banner on all sides), and it’s an amazing book you can order in paperback only right now, but the eBook is part of a box set that includes books by 16 other cool authors, all for 99 cents.

To get my paperback here for a  bunch of cash, click HERE


To get 17 medical thriller eBooks for 99 cents INCLUDING my amazing book in the “Do No Harm” box set, click HERE



And don’t order proof copies of your paperbacks. Lesson learned.


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