Gotta Stay Disciplined

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I was corresponding with a reader recently…


READER: Love the idea of a series with ‘Double Blind’ characters. I will be first in line for more of those any time.

ME: I liked the characters in Double Blind more than the ones in Gamma Sequence, to be honest. DB was a lot more fun, so there’ll be more of that. I plotted out basic outlines for a 5 book series. I have… let’s see… the opening two chapters of Primary Target written already, and the third is under way. (Lavonte’s old boss wasn’t happy about him leaving, and is shooting at him as he hides in a dark warehouse. But of course, he doesn’t mention any of that to Tyree…)


Every time I think about the Double Blind characters, I get excited and want to write more about them. I have to be disciplined and finish my other projects first, but it’s a good sign when you can’t wait to get started again.


It’s currently available only in paperback and Audio Book, but if you want an e-copy to read and review, contact me. See? There are benefits to reading all the way to the end of these things.

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