Tag Line and Blurb update: Here’s how awesome you guys are!

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Earlier today I posted about wanting some help with my tag lines and blurb for an upcoming book.

You guys generously poured out to help. In my newsletter, a blog post, and my Facebook author page and personal page, I basically sent the same information out.

The reply was fast and decisive.

After just a few hours, we had a nice initial response and the voting went like this:


Tag line A: 11111 = 5
Tag Line B: 11 = 2

Blurb A: = 0
Blurb B: 111111111 = 9


Tag line A: 111111111 = 9
Tag Line B: 1111 = 4

Blurb A: 111 = 3
Blurb B: 1111111111 = 10

Facebook: 0 replies at all on personal page and author page. (Not sure what happened there, but people could click the link and go to the blog so we won’t go crazy about that right now.)

Tag line A: 14
Tag Line B: 6

Blurb A: 3
Blurb B: 19

14 to 6 is pretty decisive, but 19 to 3 is a landslide!

We have our winners.

And in my experience, these margins won’t change if we get 100 more votes or 1000. Usually, after as few a twenty votes, a clear winner is observed and that doesn’t change if we have many, many, many more votes. It’s just how it is.

But it’s cool to know, and a great lesson for you guys.

  1. ASK FOR HELP and you’ll get it.

  2. Don’t abuse the privilege. And

  3. The fans are never wrong, so give them what they want!

Special thank you to all of you who suggested changes, too. There were about six, but each has merit, and we’ll see about adding a few tweaks.



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