23 thoughts on “Agree or disagree?

    • *Raises hand*

      I’ve done that.

      I had a scene in a book where a guy had to spend eight or 12 hours stuck at a train station during a worker strike. My editor was like, cut all this. Just say he was stuck all day in the train station!


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  1. Question of balance. Shift from one to the other as the narrative requires, then check it back on the re-write and ask yourself…..’Does anyone really want to ready this bit?’

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  2. I don’t know that I would say it is the MOST important aspect of storytelling. I personally find pacing to absolutely vital. Bad pacing will ruin a story that ticks all the other boxes. Knowing when to show vs when to tell does play into pacing. I definitely think new writers (and many veteran writers) struggle with pacing.

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  3. My editor said the same thing, “.. too much detail. The reader can figure it out.” I agree with storytelling, showing is always better than saying. If it is the Most important, I think there are other things just as important (i.e. character development, story pace, etc.) But I’m a novice still learning.

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  4. Holding my hands up, one of the most difficult lessons for me to learn, and I still haven’t finished learning by any means, is the difference between show and tell. Dan knows, he helps me a lot. I don’t know if it’s because I’m dyspraxic and my brain is hard-wired different, (very true please look it up) or if it’s just a very long, sharp learning curve. However, I am getting better. I do love descriptive prose, but that is my thing as a reader. Great one this week, Dan. 🙂

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