14 thoughts on “Friday FUN Time!

  1. such a difficult question. It really depends on the situation…
    Am I reading or writing? cause then it can’t be sloppy or messy junk food, it will get all over my laptop, kindle, or book. French Fries – can be dipped with one hand.
    Am I trying to pretend I am not eating junk? Burrata balls.
    Am I full out going for it? Salsa Verde over cream cheese, scooped up with tortilla chips.
    But yeah, pizza will always do in a pinch. LOL

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  2. The go to is a piece of chocolate. Not just any chocolate, only the good stuff: Belgian, Swiss or sometimes something from one of those specialty gourmet chocolate shops. I opt for the dark, high cocoa sensations. Nothing named “Hersey” is allowed. I have a stash in its own special drawer appropriately dubbed “The Chocolate Drawer”. One piece a day is the norm. Except on the occasional bad day, when I may allow myself a second piece – for medicinal purposes.

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