Food For Thought (a.k.a. A Writely Kick in The Rear)


If you are afraid your mother will read your manuscript, you will write in such a way that she enjoys it and no one else does.

Agree or disagree?

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20 thoughts on “Food For Thought (a.k.a. A Writely Kick in The Rear)

  1. Disagree. You should write how you want to and not worry what she thinks. You are the writer not her. If she wants to write something that she agrees wi then she should write it herself.

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  2. I had to get over this myself. Although my fear was actually about my dad reading sex scenes I had written. It was actually something I struggled with for several months during editing. In the end, I did some rewriting of the scenes that made almost all the sex occur off screen but strengthened the actual scenes themselves. A healthy dose of fear can be a positive motivator if you use it to improve your work.

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  3. LOL Too late. Mom has already read a section of my draft. While she “loves” ❤❤ everything I write, she is also one of my most critical readers. Back in the day when I wrote everything longhand, she was the one who typed, edited and critiqued everything.

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  4. I have something of the opposite problem….worried that my 42 & 44 year old daughters will find up what’s their dad’s been up to on his laptop….my son (36) is a writer too, so he should be cool with it. But those daughters are starting to order me about.

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  5. Agree. My Mam was a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy and some of the books she liked contained scenes that might shock. Now, it would be fine for another author to write these scenes, but me…hell no, she’d slap me around the head for being a “bold rossi”. (Irish for a bad girl/boy used freely when someone is cheeky.)

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  6. And all the members of my church community group (which they did). They thought Ruby Slips was pretty spicy (which in truth, it is pretty tame). I did get some fun pics from one of the members, Scott. He even reenacted the bathtub scene with the rose petals. Yes, he is a big goof.

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