What Do YOU Think?

I’m interested in getting your thoughts about stuff I see and hear, quotes I read, stuff that passes as knowledge – and starting an authorey conversation.

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It’s almost too cute because it’s pithy and humorous but it’s extremely GREAT, AMAZINGLY AWESOME advice from a real master.

Push yourself to the scary places, places where you are uncomfortable going. I have done it a few times and so far nobody’s come to the house with pitchforks and torches. The near death scene in Savvy Stories, the sex scenes in Poggibonsi, the awkward teen sex scenes in The Water Castle… risk has a reward. You’d think I love writing about sex but it’s really very scary for me; my CP’s will remember a kiss – ONE KISS – taking 8 rewrites.

I’ve come a long way, and so can you – and not just about sex. About anything that’s off limits in your daily life. When you feel like a scene is going too far and putting YOU into an uncomfortable zone, you’re connecting at a different level with your reader and it’ll come through to them. That’s the fruit.

What are YOUR thoughts on this idea?

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12 thoughts on “What Do YOU Think?

  1. You have to stretch yourself a little at least! Staying in the safe zone means you only keep repeating yourself! If you try something new, only then will you know if it’s a success or not!

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  2. I am definitely not in a safe zone with my first novel..Anyone who knows me just looks at me and asks where did that come from..I actually don’t know the answer it just happens and finds its way onto paper…

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    1. That’s definitely true, and as writers we often feel like we are out there all by ourselves. The fact is, there’s a huge network of support for us if we look for it and use it, but initially… Those first thoughts, the first time writing it down, the first time seeing it, the first time you wonder if everybody is going to give you a rash of crap over it, there’s more than enough ways to talk yourself out of doing anything adventurous and bold and brave, but if you are willing to risk it, the rewards are great. And let’s face it, you don’t get the applause unless you step on stage. Too many people are afraid to step on stage.

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  3. I was cheerfully writing along in the Comfort Zone, relying the humour to carry the books….thud.
    So start out again! There I was a little edgier, but not so much except towards the end of the tale.
    ‘Wait! No!’ I call to the characters ‘What are you doing? I cannot handle this narrative!’
    And they look at me (you know the way characters do that, intimidating and knowing), then say
    ‘Aww, c’mon man. Have you not been reading the narrative? Where did you think this was going. Uh?’
    I’ve tried to change it, goodness knows, but they won’t be told.
    Dragging me out of my Comfort Zone and leaving me at the thin swaying bit of the branch,
    Wow! Heavy trip man!


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